Its another beautiful day in America, and the “Band of Brothers” theme song might be the best way to start the day.

“Band of Brothers” tells the story of Easy Company, 506th Infantry Regiment of the 101st Airborne Division during World War II. Its arguably the greatest war story ever told.

Ive been re-watching the series, and I just cant get over how good this show is. Richard Winters and the guys in Easy Company lived through an experience that most people will never be able to understand. They jumped in on D-Day, fought in Operation Market Garden and held the line in Bastogne.

The show does an outstanding job displaying their heroic actions. One of the coolest parts about the show is the incredible theme song that plays through the opening credits. Anybody who has seen the HBO series knows exactly what Im talking about.

Make sure to check out the series if you havent already, and have an outstanding day.

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