Stardew Valley Mobile: iOS and Android game coming October – Will it have multiplayer? (Pic: CHUCKLEFISH)


Stardew Valley is an indie farming simulation role-playing game which was released for PC in February 2016.

The game was developed by Eric “ConcernedApe” Barone, and published by Chucklefish.

After its success and positive reception it was released for OS X, Linux, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Playstation Vita.

In the game the player takes control of a character who takes over their deceased grandfathers dilapidated farm – Stardew Valley.

The beautiful award-winning game combines farm simulation with RPG elements to create an absorbing world.

To the glee of many fans, now the popular village life game is heading to mobile devices.

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Stardew Valley mobile iOS ANdorid CHUCKLEFISH

Stardew Valley Mobile: It will first be coming to iOS, then Android later (Pic: CHUCKLEFISH)

Stardew Valley mobile release date:

Stardew Valley will be available on mobile devices starting on Wednesday, October 24.

Barone said in the announcement post: “Today, Ive got some exciting news to share with everyone – Stardew Valley is coming to mobile, and its actually releasing on the iOS App Store in just over 2 weeks time, on October 24th!”

First it will be available on iOS, then an Android version will follow later.

As the latter version is yet to be finished, launch details will follow.

The developer has said this version is almost complete, so farmers wont have to wait long.

“Today, Ive got some exciting news to share with everyone – Stardew Valley is coming to mobile”

Eric “ConcernedApe” Barone

How much will the game cost?

The full game will be available for £7.99/$7.99/€8.99 with no in-app purchases.

This includes 1.3 single player content, such as the Night Market.

Another piece of good news is that PC players can transfer their saved data to the iOS version via iTunes – which means nothing will be lost.

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However, Barone says to “make sure to always back up your save data first!”

He continued: “Mods are not supported, and any save data transferred containing mods may cause compatibility issues.”

You can pre-order the game today, says Barone.

Stardew Valley mobile game iOS ANdroid CHUCKLEFISH

Stardew Valley Mobile: You can pre-order the game today (Pic: CHUCKLEFISH)

Will Stardew Valley mobile have multiplayer?

Sadly, Stardew Valleys mobile version will not have multiplayer.

But players will enjoy all the content from the recent 1.3 update, and has a custom user interface for mobile.

Game creator Barone has assured players it wont affect the launch of multiplayer on consoles – this is done by a separate team.

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