Rocket League - soon to be loot box free

Rocket League – soon to be loot box free

In surprise news, Rocket League is to stop using random crates of loot and instead allow you to just buy DLC directly, with no guesswork.

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The world of loot boxes is in a peculiar position at the moment. After Star Wars: Battlefront II made them public enemy number one many major publishers, including not just EA but Microsoft and Warner Bros., ended up removing them from their full-price games.

But that was a couple of years ago now and publishers, particularly Activision, have found various workarounds, such as only adding them to a game after it has been reviewed and given an age rating.

Technically thats what Psyonix did too, but theyve repented and have announced that crates, as they call them, will be removed from Rocket League by the end of the year.



Rocket League didnt have loot boxes at first but instead were added in 2016, with the excuse that the money they made would be use to fund eSports events and prizes.

They are cosmetic only and can be obtained for free just by playing the game, but you need to buy a key to unlock them.

All that is set to change though and in the future youll simply buy exactly what you want from the in-game shop for a set fee, instead of just hoping you get something good at random.

The system will be similar to that in Fortnite: Save The World (but not Fortnite: Battle Royale), which is no coincidence as Epic Games bought Pysonix back in May.

The Rocket Pass Premium, DLC cars, and esports shop will stay the same though, according to Pysonixs blog on the matter.



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