“Riverdale” has continued to be incredibly entertaining this season, but its time to talk about about some of the antics going on.

I finally got around to watching the latest episode, which was inspired by the famous horror movie “Carrie.” The thing was a damn musical. What the hell is that garbage about? Im not going to lie. Theres a high probability that Id had a couple beers before firing up the episode, and I thought maybe I had passed out and started dreaming. A musical? Are you kidding me?

I understand the fact that the show will always have some level of cheesiness. Its just the reality of the situation. Thats what the CW is about at some level. I can stomach it to a point, but its not where the show does its best.

We need more dead bodies, and more smoke shows. “Riverdale” is at the top of its game when people are dying under mysterious circumstances and the core crew of women is looking fine.

Its not at the top of my list when I have to listen to half an hour of not great music. Now, the episode ended with a bang, and a gruesome dead body. At least we got back on the right path before the next episode.

Cut the cheap thrills and singing. Give me the violence and mystery. Thats what “Riverdale” needs to be all about, and it looks like were getting that in the next episode. Lets just pretend this Carrie crap never happened.

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