PS5 News: Has Sony teased HUGE change to the PS4 Controller for next PlayStation console? (Pic: SONY)

The PS5 Release Date is still quite a way off but one thing we can be sure of is that the closer we get the higher probability of leaks, teasers or even simple concept art for Sony's next console.

After all, Sony has pretty much upped the ante in recent weeks when it comes to discussing their next-gen plans.

However, fans believe that they might have uncovered a possible teaser for the next PS5 Dualshock controller and it comes from one of the most unlikely of places.

In fact, unless you've got yourself a PS4 PlayStation VR unit, it's unlikely you'll have seen it.

The new Dualshock controller design comes via one of Sony's new exclusive PSVR games, Astrobot: Rescue Mission.

Take a look at a screenshot below:

Will the PS5 DualShock controller look like this? (Pic: RESETERA)

Now, we've not personally played Astrobot (There is a review coming Sunday FYI) so we're going to give you the full lowdown from the original Rsestera user who posted this fascinating discover instead. Take it away SonicFan059:

So In Astrobot your virtual DS4 morphed into this flashy looking controller. Now having lights and several colors all over it isnt realistic but there are some things that I wonder if its a hint at the DS5. I wouldnt be surprised if it has concepts brought forth by Sony for minor improvements.

It has holes on the grips resembling old third party controllers with built in cooling. This I kinda doubt would be built in though. Not something Id want but I could see it being tossed around at the planning stage.

Theyve removed the bumpers R1/L1 and if you flip the controller over you see two buttons where your middle fingers rest which would make it so you could press both R1/R2 and L1/L2 without having two fingers at the top like a claw. Which Id have to try it but this seems like a good idea.

Sony PlayStation 5 Console Concept

Sony PlayStation bosses have confirmed a PS5 is coming – could it look anything like this?

1 / 10

Joseph Dumary

Now we're not by any stretch suggesting the above will definitively be what the next Dualshock looks like.

But equally, you've got to think SonicFan059 is onto something. Why would the developers use something like the current Dualshock when they could have simply used a DualShock.

If they're trying to make it look new or futuristic, the idea they might have borrowed a few ideas from someone working on that next piece of hardware isn't too ridiculous. If, admittedly, still a longshot.

Still, it's nice to dream. Remember those PS5 concept designs (see above) by French designer Joseph Dumary.

Anyway, let us know what you'd like to see from the next Dualshock controller in the comments below.

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