PS4, Xbox One, Switch Games News: July 4 Updates, Announcements, Trailers and More (Pic: Daily Star)

Video Games news is constant and never slows down, not for a single day. Whether you own a PS4, Xbox One or Nintendo Switch owner it's hard to keep up.

Even for us, people who are actively entrenched in gaming news 24/7, it's hard to keep on top of everything.

So, a week or two back we tried something different with a daily blog that attempted to keep up with all the latest breaking news and announcements.

At the time we told you that we hoped to bring you more news to the site, not less, whilst also shining a light on some news for smaller, niche titles alongside other bits we simply couldn't find time to cover alongside everything else we do (hey, we did say there's a lot!).

We were happy with what we achieved from that test day, so we're giving it another go today.

The content we include might be closer to press releases than our usual gaming input and pub talk patter.

However, as we say (hopefully) it means getting more news to you.

We'll keep updating the page with all the news we can, but to kick off the day, here's three bite sized pieces of news from Wednesday, July 3rd you may have missed, but should certainly not overlook.

Enjoy the news – Daily Star's Gaming Team


Video Game News – July 4 Highlights

Fortnite x Stranger Things Event announced: Skins for Chief Hopper and Demogorgan leaked

HITMAN 2 July 2019 Content Roadmap Reveals Next Sniper Assassin Map

Metal Wolf Chaos XD August 6 Release Date Revealed

Desperados III Announces Closed Beta

Hunt Showdown Announced Release Dates For PS4, Xbox And PC

HITMAN 2 July 2019 Content Roadmap Reveals Next Sniper Assassin Map

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and IO Interactive today released the HITMAN 2 July 2019 content roadmap providing a detailed look at the robust lineup of downloadable content (DLC) and free updates in store for players throughout the month.

As part of this content rollout, the next Sniper Assassin map, The Prison, will be available on 30th July for all HITMAN 2 Expansion Pass owners and will transport players to the frigid tundra of Siberia where they can unlock the Druzhina 34 ICA Arctic sniper rifle. Additionally, players can look forward to a range of free live content available for all HITMAN 2 owners, including a new challenge pack, featured contracts, escalations, outfits and more.

The HITMAN 2 Expansion Pass is available now for £32.99, which includes Expansion Pack 1 and Expansion Pack 2.

The Expansion Pass is also included as part of the HITMAN 2 Gold Edition, featuring The Prison and Hantu Port Sniper Assassin maps, New York location, challenges, missions, outfits, weapons and a new location, as well as the Executive Pack containing the Italian black leather briefcase and ICA 19 Blackballer pistol in-game items, all for £79.99 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and £74.99 on Steam, which is currently on sale for £24.99 until 9th July 2019.

Metal Wolf Chaos XD August 6 Release Date Revealed

Developers FromSoftware and General Arcade along with Devolver Digital have announced that Metal Wolf Chaos XD will launch on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on August 6! Patriotic gamers from all over the world can pre-order the upgraded re-release for $24.99 and receive an exclusive mech suit skin on their platform of choice.

The country is in peril as President Michael Wilson defends the nation against a full-scale rebellion lead by Vice-President Richard Hawk and the mechanized legions he commands. As the 47th President of the United States, it is your sworn duty to take your country back by any means necessary and end this unjust coup détat! Battle in your advanced mech – armed to the teeth – across iconic American landscapes including the Brooklyn Bridge, the Grand Canyon, and the front steps of the White House.

FromSoftware originally released Metal Wolf Chaos in December 2004, appearing exclusively on the original Xbox and only in Japan. The game went on to become something of legend as it was hard to acquire and even harder to play outside of Japan. Devolver Digital and FromSoftware have partnered together with developer General Arcade to modernize Metal Wolf Chaos with updates to the game including upgraded visual fidelity, refined controls and gameplay, a new save system, and 4K + 16:9 support for modern displays.

Desperados III Announces Closed Beta

A nasty bug. And you. High noon, in front of the Saloon … the clock strikes 12 … *bang* and he's sent to meet his maker! You are exactly the gunman, Mimimi Games is looking for – we need fans and interested players to participate in the closed beta test for Desperados III.

Desperados III, the upcoming real-time tactics game, was recently nominated as Best Strategy Game of E3 for the official Game Critics Awards. Although Desperados III is really breathtaking, it didn't had a fair chance to win, as one of the competitors was the one and only John Wick. And everyone knows you shouldn&#0Read More – Source

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