Sony is in the middle of a pretty great sale on PSN right now – one that offers games like Nier Automata, Persona 5 and more for super cheap.

But maybe the games on offer aren't particularly up your street – maybe you'd rather have a discount on something else instead. Well, not to worry: Sony has your back there, too.

Over on Reddt, user Mangodrink1 posted an image of an email that noted Sony is sending out codes that offer players up to 40% off purchases on PSN.

"Brace yourself," reads the email. "We're giving you a one-time 40% in-cart discount to use on whatever you want from the PlayStation Store.

"Just enter your code below at the checkout to discount everything in your basket.

"Be quick though, it expires on 4 November."

The promotion is reportedly taking place across both NA and EU regions – so go check that inbox and see if you can layer up discounts to get the best deals imaginable!

Make sure you've got promotional emails turned on in your PlayStation account, and make sure to check your spam folders if you want in on this almost too-good-to-be-true deal.

A full list of the games on offer with the 'Sale of the Dead' promotion can be found here.

This comes after Sony noted that the PS4 continues to sell well for Sony, with a massive 86.1 million-plus PlayStation 4 units shipped so far.

That's a huge boost from the figures Sony released back in August, where the company noted it had sold through 82 million units.

4 million more sales in as many months is a great gain for the company.

Sony also revealed some stats regarding PS Plus during its earnings call this week.

Sony revealed that that PlayStation Plus has helped bring about an 8% upward revision in sales for the company since August.

That means there have been upgrades to both PS+ subscriptions and hardware over the past few months – welcome news to Sony after it was revealed there was a dip in subscribers to PS Plus between March and June.

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