More like Pokémon Sword and Leak. amirite? (Pic: Daily Star)

Pokémon Sword and Shield will be the first full Pokémon games on a console (not including the Let's Go games) and the excitement around them is palpable. However, Nintendo and The Pokémon Company just aren't spilling any Pokébeans about the game, so we are all left scrounging about waiting until E3 or possibly beyond.

Well, thanks to a thread that appeared over on Reddit, we have a few more possible leaks to give us that hit of information that we all want. a user called ManWithAVan212121 (is it a Pokévan?) posted a thread full of apparent new information. While the user says "Not going to say how I got this" some of the information does seem fairly plausible.

There are some particularly interesting things when it comes to the new region itself. Apparently, the map we have been shown so far isn't the whole picture. While it is common for these games to have networks of underground tunnels it is possible this means something more. Perhaps there are other islands to visit, which, given that the map is based on the UK, seems fairly reasonable. Who wouldn't want to visit the Pokémon equivalent of the Isle of Wight?

That's not all about the map though. This post states that the post-game region is below the starter town. There is a precedent for high-level areas to be tucked away near the early regions in the series. Usually, these are locked out to you in the early game because you don't have access to the right moves to gain access to them, though it is also common for areas to be locked by other things. Two prominent and peculiar examples are a dance rehearsal and a group of Psyducks with headaches.

The cities are said to be much larger than they appear as well. While the series has had some large towns previously, most of the Pokémon places are comprised of a very small number of buildings. While this is probably due to technological limitations, it would certainly be nice to explore some sprawling cityscapes for a change.

The other bits of key information comes in the form of the characters you are going to meet as well as a couple of tidbits about the Pokémon themselves.

According to the post, there will be two professors. The Pokémon professors are always a key part of the games and usually instigate the journey that your young protagonist sets out on in order to be the very best. This time the role will be filled by an older gent as well as his daughter. Maybe one of them could be evil for a change, nothing beats the maniacal laugh of the older generations trying to ruin things for the upcoming ones in these games.

The bad guys in this iteration are said to be industrialists. This is the equivalent of Team Rocket if you haven't played for a while. They will apparently want to wipe out the countryside. Perhaps they could be climate deniers in favour of the power of fossil fuels and the use of fracking. What a terrifying and absurd enemy they would be.

Shocking news all around… (Pic: Daily Star)

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