Pokemon Go's 2018 Winter event is here – bringing increased spawn rates for Pokemon like Snover, Snorunt, Sneasel, Spheal and more.

We've also seen Heatran added as a tier 5 raid thanks to the new event, as well as a Shiny Delibird.

But you know what else we're getting? Reports that Azurill can come out of 7km eggs as a shiny! That means you'll be able to get Shiny Azumarill and Shiny Marill if you hatch one – good luck!

Here's what we know so far.

Shiny Azurill has only just this second been made available in the game, so for the time being, we're stilling compiling all the ways you can encounter a Shiny green Azurill in the game.

Although, as soon as that's made clear we'll be sure to update this story.

Egg Hatches:

At the time of writing, we know Azurill can hatch from 7km eggs – and this report suggests they could be shiny.

Raid Battles:

To our knowledge, Azurill is not currently a raid boss, so that rules that option out.

In the Wild:

Azurill does not spawn in the wild – the same as all the 'baby' Pokemon.

With Field Research:

Currently, you cannot encounter Azurill by completing Field Research Tasks.

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