• The Pixel 4 XL. Ron Amadeo
  • The many sensors in the Pixel 4's top bezel. Ron Amadeo / Google
  • In the right lighting conditions, you can begin to make out the components hidden in here. Most cutouts are for the 3D face unlock system. Ron Amadeo
  • We have the white version, which looks great with the contrasting black accents. Ron Amadeo
  • The top of the phone. There is a lot of bezel here. Ron Amadeo
  • Does the display look… kinda pink? That's the ambient EQ display mode in action. Ron Amadeo
  • Google camera block has two cameras: a 12MP main camera and a 16MP telephoto. Ron Amadeo
  • In the right lighting, the camera block looks like a surprised robot. The two eyes are cameras, the mouth is the LED flash, and a microphone is a small beauty mark on the right. See the sensor on the robot's forehead? Let's zoom in… Ron Amadeo
  • It's a color sensor! Neat. Ron Amadeo
  • The back has a soft-touch coating everywhere but on this "G" logo. You can catch a fingernail on the edge of it. Ron Amadeo
  • We get a neon orange power button, and in this shot you can see the camera bump. Ron Amadeo
  • There's just a USB-C port, a speaker, and a microphone on the bottom. The slots are just for symmetry. Ron Amadeo
  • There's just a microphoRead More – Source [contf] [contfnew]


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