Were feeling old (Pictures: Instagram/REX)

Orlando Bloom has simultaneously melted our hearts and made us feel about 100 years old by sharing an adorable Lord Of The Rings throwback.

Oh, sweet child.

The 42-year-old shared a Polaroid photo from the good ol days of his 21st birthday as he did his best unicorn impression by sporting a party hat on his forehead – while being topless of course.

How else are you meant to turn 21?

@Misslivalittle just texted me this photo from our #lotr days I was turning 21!!! he wrote. ”My little baby logolas in the c*ntybago!!!!” Made me laugh [cry-laughing emoji].

Our fondly named makeup bus, christened by Noreen my makeup artist and Viggo Mortensen, was, and remains in my heart and memory the most female and male empowered, joyful, disreputable and yet totally respectful place of work and creativity ever.

Hours spent in the the makeup chair to apply ears and wigs and contacts #lovemyjob #fbf [sic].



Fans are a bit obsessed with the throwback, with one commenting: Legolas will be always the BEST one.

The last great unicorn, another lamented, with one more joking: Are they still taking the hobbits to Isengard???

Truly an age-old mystery.


Although the movies, which were released in the early noughties, were iconic, he recently revealed he didnt exactly get much of a look-in on the £2.3 billion that the trilogy grossed.

The actor revealed he only got a measly $175,000 (£140,000) for his roles in all three films (still quite a lot, tbh). Nothing, I got nothing. 175 grand, he told Howard Stern on his SiriusXM show Howard 100.

Hes not bitter about it though.

Listen, greatest gift of my life. Are you kidding me? Id do it again for half the money, Orlando insisted.

The Lord of the Rings Legolas (ORLANDO BLOOM)
Orlando starred as Legolas in the trilogy (Picture: Warner Brothers)

I think there was a little bump when the movies came out… It was like a little bump, but it was nice.

Nevertheless, the star pretty much ruled out being in the series which is set to take to Amazon.

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He told Entertainment Tonight: Look, I dont know how theyre going to approach it. I havent had any conversations about that.



I dont know where I would fit in now in that world. If I think youre saying [Id come back] as Legolas, they probably got a 19-year-old kid, he laRead More – Source