We love it, we love it not. (Picture: Twitter)

Heartthrob actor Noah Centineo revealed an interesting new look on his Instagram and fans dont know how to feel about his bleached beard.

The To All The Boys Ive Loved Before actor shared a couple of snaps of his blonde facial fluff to his Instagram.

His Insta grid has a normally clean shaven aesthetic but Noah has recently been sporting some stubble on those handsome chops.

But then on Friday he uploaded a story in which he has a noticeably blonde scruff on his chin and upper lip.

Wearing a grey hoodie he laughs at the camera: I didnt bleach my beard, that would be ridiculous. Why would I do that?

Why indeed? (Picture: Instagram)

Fans were quick to point out that he tagged his colourist Shag Karegar meaning that the Sierra Burgess Is A Loser Star had indeed gone blonde.



The next day the 23-year-old shared another selfie where you could see his new beard in the sunlight confirming that it is indeed very blonde.

(Picture: Instagram)

The reaction to this lighter look from fans has been decidedly mixed.

One fan wrote: noah centineo bleached his beard… you know youre REALLY going through something when you bleach your BEARD.

Some fans even threatened to unstan.

Another wrote: noah centineo update he just bleached his beard. am actually crying.

I am actually considering to stop my fan account.”

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But others still had the hots for the teen romance star: my love life is going great thanks, Noah Centineo bleached his beard and I still fancy him.

Noah Centineo with a bleached beard kind of looks like a hot grandpa, one wrote.

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