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Nintendo reveal 16 new indie games, including Banner Saga 3 and Lumines Remastered
Mark Of The Ninja Remastered – a stealthy remaster

A new Nintendo Direct has revealed an intriguing line-up of new ‘Nindie’ games, including Mark Of The Ninja Remastered.

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One of the more unexpected aspects of the Nintendo Switch’s success is that it’s become a haven for downloadable indie games, with many developers claiming that their titles have sold more on the Switch than any other console – or even PC.

Many indie games are well suited to a portable format and are also an ideal way to fill in the gaps between major retail releases. Something which, judging from this latest Nintendo Direct, Nintendo continues to take advantage of.

16 games were highlighted by the Direct, some new and some old. It’s often hard to guess at an indie game’s potential just by looking at it but Viking roguelike strategy game Bad North looks promising and so does Paper Mario inspired role-player West Of Loathing.

In terms of known quantities we’re very pleased to hear about Mark Of The Ninja Remastered, as the original is criminally underrated (and recently came up a lot in discussions of the best ninja game ever).

Puzzle game Lumines Remastered is another welcome blast from the past, especially as it’ll be using the Joy-Cons as trance vibrators (and yes, that does mean what you think it means).

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It’s also interesting to see not only Banner Saga 3 coming to Switch but also the original two games. At the same time strategy game Reigns: Kings And Queens also packages together the original and its sequel.

The full list of titles, with rough release dates, is as below but we advise watching the whole Direct.

Banner Saga 1 and 2 – soon
Lumines Remastered – spring
Reigns: Kings And Queens – spring
Lightfall – spring (timed exclusive)
Garage – spring (timed exclusive)
West Of Loathing – spring (console exclusive)
Pode – spring
Fantasy Strike – summer
Just Shapes And Beats – summer (timed exclusive)
Bomb Chicken – summer (timed exclusive)
The Messenger – summer
Bad North – summer (timed exclusive)
Banner Saga 3 – summer
Mark Of The Ninja Remastered – autumn
Pool Panic – 2018 (exclusive)

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