Pokemon Masters

Pokemon Masters is a new smartphone game (Picture: Nintendo)

A bunch of new Pokémon games have been revealed, alongside an app which allows you to share your collection across platforms.

Tsunekazu Ishihara, president and CEO of The Pokémon Company, announced numerous titles and hardware in a packed press conference – without even touching upon the release of Sword & Shield on Nintendo Switch.

So whats heading down the pipeline? Following the success of the movie, a sequel to Detective Pikachu is in development for Switch.

Theres no word on a release date, but the sequel has been described as a conclusion to the story in the first game released on the Nintendo 3DS, which ended on a different cliffhanger note to the movie.

Detective Pikachu - they should've got Benedict Cumberbatch to do the voice

Detective Pikachu is getting a sequel on Switch (Picture: Nintendo)

An app for Switch and smartphone devices was also announced titled Pokémon Home, which is essentially an evolution on the Pokémon Bank service.



The cloud service app allows players to manage Pokémon collections and trade across multiple devices and titles, with the service connecting to Pokémon Bank, Pokémon Lets Go, the upcoming Pokémon Sword & Shield, and Pokémon Go.

A graphic appears to show how the service will work, with only one-way transfers allowed to Pokémon Home from all games except Sword & Shield, which has two-way transfers from Pokémon Home and back again.

Pokemon Home

Pokemon Home is a new cloud based app (Picture: Nintendo)

The service is set to launch in early 2020, with no details on pricing or subscription plans.

A slightly more bizarre service is Pokémon Sleep, a mobile app which revolves around your sleeping habits having an effect on gameplay.

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The app will utilise a new Pokémon Go accessory titled Pokémon Go Plus +, which has an embedded accelerometer to track your time spent sleeping. This information can then be sent via Bluetooth to your smartphone, with the accessory also compatible as a standard Go Plus for when youre strolling around in the day.

Pokemon Sleep

Pokemon Sleep is a real thing (Picture: Nintendo)

In celebration of the apps announcement, Snorlax wiRead More – Source