Donald Glover, who performs under the name Childish Gambino, released a music video for his song “This is America” Saturday that shocked viewers with graphic gun scenes.

But even though the shooting scenes and abrupt shifts in tempo following the shooting scenes are surprising to first-time viewers, the overall commentary of the video is…not.

What else would one expect to see in a music video by a famous rapper titled “This is America”? If you think anything other than gun and police violence, you obviously need to catch up on your celebrity politics.

After Glover, who acts as an armed murderer in the video, shoots his first victim, he hands his gun off to a man wearing a white polo in dress pants, who wraps the gun in a red cloth while the victim is pulled dragged away by the arms. This same action takes place later when Glovers character shoots a 10-person choir. This is supposed to represent the treatment of guns versus human beings in America.

In later scenes, police cars and rioters fill the background while bystanders look at their phones (possibly recording the scene unraveling before them), which creates a chaotic atmosphere while Glover sings, “Police be trippin now/ Yeah, this is America/ Guns in my area/ I got the strap/ I gotta carry em.”

Everybody needs to see Childish Gambinos surreal, unforgettable look at gun violence in

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The music then pauses and the camera focuses on Glover as he lowers his fighting gun stance and lights a joint in silence.

At the very end of the music video, Glover is running from a large group of people chasing after him. Some viewers have pointed out that the people chasing him are not black, and so it may be another comment on race and police brutality.

One can also make the assumption that Glovers character is being chased because he murdered 11 people over the course of the video.

Obviously, the liberal media thinks the whole thing is genius and has “LAYERS” of deep thoughts that need to be analyzed and thought over before viewers can fully understand and appreciate the profound brilliance of the message portrayed in this music video.

There are LAYERS to the #ThisIsAmerica video.

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Speechless. #ThisIsAmerica (Indeed)

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