On the episode titled "Matthew 5:9," Special Agent Christopher Lasalle is killed while trying to avenge his brother Cade's murder.Lasalle was shot and killed as he attempted to track a drug ring in Alabama that he suspected was responsible for his brother's death."NCIS: New Orleans" is in its sixth season on CBS. Lucas Black, who portrayed Christopher Lasalle, shared a message to the show's viewers on his official Instagram account after the episode aired. "Well. That's all she wrote for Agent Lasalle," he said. "But I wanted to take this time personally to thank all of you fans out there for your love and support. You were there to celebrate the victories and to pick me up when I needed it and I appreciate that."Black tied his role to his appreciation for first responders, saying "I learned a lot about what the first responders do, and much respect to you guys.""Also, I support the military. Appreciate what you guys do for us living in this wonderful country," Black said. "A chapter has ended. What a great journey it was. Thank you guys so much. May God bless you."In a video posted on the show's YouTube channel, the actor discussed how his work on the show has dominated his life and how he is looking forwRead More – Source


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