SINGAPORE – Asia's first live-action zombie survival game, Zedtown Asia: Battle For Singapore, will take place on Oct 26 at the National Stadium, transforming it into a post-apocalyptic battleground.

This is the 34th instalment of an immersive survivor versus zombie gaming experience, billed as the largest "real-world" zombie survival experience.

Created by three avid gamers from Sydney, Zedtown has seen thousands of players battle it out across Australia and the United States since 2012. For example, a 2017 game in Australia saw more than 1,300 players fighting to survive in an apocalyptic twin-stadium scenario at the Sydney Football Stadium and Sydney Cricket Ground complex.

The upcoming instalment will see Singapore in a simulated state of emergency. The scenario is that zombies have almost taken over and survivors have been called upon to battle the zombies, and each other, to make it to a sanctuary.

In the game, most participants start out as survivors and are assigned a faction – red, gold or blue – with specific skill sets and objectives. They are given quests, missions, tips and updates, and a game app tracks their achievements.

Each player works with his squad to try and survive, but if he is tagged – with a firm touch to any part of the survivor's body or gear – by a zombie, he becomes one too.

The Singapore edition will have two sessions – one at 12pm and another at 6.30pm. Each game lasts three hours and players are encouraged to engage with the various quests and missions, without being turned into a zombie.

Participants can also choose to start out as zombies and get transformed by professional make-up artists before the game begins.

Participants must be aged 18 years or older.

Mr Andrew Garrick, co-founder and managing director of Zedtown, said: "We are delighted to bring this ever-popular zombieRead More – Source


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