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My dream Super Smash Bros. Ultimate characters - Readers Feature

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – Bomberman is in it, but hes not playable

A reader reveals the five characters hed most want to see in Super Smash Bros., from the relatively plausible to the extremely unlikely.

I have loved the Super Smash Bros. series ever since the very first one. My favourite thing about the game is when you get the challenger approaches screen pop up and you have to fight that character in order to be able to play as him/her. The feeling is amazing, I get goosebumps every time. So I thought I would do a feature on the five characters I would love to see in the game.

1. Bomberman

Now I know most of this list, if not all probably, wont be in the next game, or any other game, but I can but dream. I know Bomberman is going to be an assist trophy but I think he would be an awesome playable character. He would be really different using bombs, much like Link, but using different types like the big bomb. Also, the kangaroo as a final smash. Awesome!



2. Banjo and Kazooie

This will never happen but just imagine it, with their range of power-ups being all their special moves. So the running shoes as a burst of speed. If they were hanging from a ledge they could fire an egg from their behind to hit others below them. Maybe even being be able to split up. Their final smash brings all the jinjos together for one big attack whilst they are doing the dance they do when they get a jiggy!

3. Yoda

Smash Bros. is a fast game and if you saw Yoda fight in the movies he is too. Springing around with a lightsabre with Yoda in that game would be just a dream come true. Using the Force on characters, to push them away, and taking control of weak-minded assist trophies. His final smash he just stabs them loads with his lightsabre.

4. Toad

I love Toad! He is my favourite Mario series character and I cant believe he is not a playable character already. He could use the poison mushroom to temporarily shrink people. Staying on items he could use the feather to jump higher and the Bullet Bill for a big punch, all as his special moves. So many items to choose from. His final smash could be loads of karts from Mario Kart running characters over. I want him to be playable, come on Nintendo make it happen.

5. Mickey Mouse

Finally, who wouldnt want to either play as Mickey or just beat him up? Im surprised this hasnt already happened. Steamboat Willie crashing into the stage could be his final smash! Using the paintbrush to create different things for his special moves. Maybe even putting other characters in, like Donald doing a screech attack. Similar to how Peach uses Toad.



These are just who I dream about being in it, even if there isnt much chance. But thats the beauty of Smash Bros. – any character you could think of could probably fit into that game.

By reader Wolfster

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