WWE 2K19 - how will this year's game be different?

WWE 2K19 – how will this years game be different?

With the next generation of consoles approaching, a reader looks towards the future of the WWE series and the new features hed like to see.

The WWE 2K series has been the dominant series of wrestling games for many generations now. The newest title that is due to arrive is WWE 2K20, which means that with the next generation being closer we will be seeing some amazing features and improvements to the overall quality of future titles. With me currently playing through WWE 2K19, and with WWE 2K20 coming near, here are my suggestions as to what I would like to see be added to future titles and what I feel would make them even better.

Multiple alternative career mode and storylines

With the additions of 205 Live and NXT these could offer the player a choice of having a career in both and the chance to work through a storyline with each show. Also, you would not need to worry about completing certain criteria to progress. The same could be done with Raw and Smackdown, which would then allow more choice as to where exactly you would like to start from and give the player a reason to play through all of the shows.



Titantron upgrades

While the entrances have been upgraded recently and a lot of new features have gotten added one cool feature I feel should be added is when the yearly drafts are done, is to display a players accolades on the Titantron if they are drafted in career mode, which would show their title history, if any, and Royal Rumble wins. This would add excitement to the drafts and would allow the player to take screenshots if they wanted to share with the community. This has never been added before in previous games, so it would be a cool and unique feature to have for the drafts in career mode.

Additional PPVs and challenges, unlocks, and Easter eggs

One clever feature that could be added is specific unlocks that could be obtained by competing in specific PPVs and completing challenges. These could also offer Easter eggs such as legends who would appear in banners in the arena as a tribute to some wrestlers who are sadly no longer with us. Unlocks could be superstars that have never appeared in WWE 2K games before and could allow more wrestlers to be added in the near future.

Selectable commentators

Allowing players to choose the commentators from shows they want in single-player, non-storyline matches will add life to the game and will allow the player to engage in matches while they make their pick from shows like Raw, Smackdown, 205 Live, NXT, and NXT UK. This could even be used for multiplayer online games.



Take control of the cameramans camera

One great feature that could be added is the ability to take control of the cameramans camera and to be able to use this on the opponent, which could add clips to the highlight reel from the caRead More – Source