Boon, Boon, Boon, Boon – I want you in my room (Pic: NETHERREALM)

Mortal Komba 11 players are a hungry bunch.

Now that the famous necromancer Shang Tsung been thrust into the game, players are baying for more content, more fighters, more blood in the latest release in the long-running fighting game series.

And developer NetherRealm Studios is keen to give players what they want.

Co-Creator of Mortal Kombat and creative director NetherRealm Ed Boon has tweeted out an image of one of the characters confirmed to be coming to the game as part of Kombat Pack 1: Sindel.

You can see the tweet below – and a slightly edited, brightened up version of the image above.

This follows on from a tweet Boon posted about Nightwolf a few weeks back – but we don't know for sure who's coming next.

Given that the first DLC character of Shang Tsung, was released Tuesday, June 18, we're going to suggest that the game could release Nightwolf in or around the same date in July – back in the Injustice 2 days, the DLC release schedule was about one DLC character per 30 days. We imagine it'll be similar this time around.

Regarding Nightwolf, Mortal Kombat lore states that any member of the character's tribe can be chosen to be Nightwolf, so long as they are worthy, so this could be an interesting way to open up new skins for the Native American-inspired character.

After the Nightwolf tease, Ed Boon asked fans on Twitter if they would be interested in a Killer Instinct Skin based on a character named Thunder from the Microsoft-owned franchise. Both are based on Native American schemes, so a crossover of sorts makes sense.

Boon shared the question with his Twitter followers and got an interesting reply: Phil Spencer (Xbox boss), Larry Hryb (Director of Programming at Xbox Live) and the official account for the Killer Instinct account all showed their support.


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