Melendi has shared an image from the airport making it clear that his next destination is Amsterdam and the publication has been filled with comments.

Melendi announced a few days ago, coinciding with the premiere of the year, that the Melendi with whom he began his musical career and with which he won the affection of all his fans was going to return soon. And it is that this 2023 celebrates 20 years of career and has prepared many surprises that we still do not know but that will surely be the most exciting and fun. For starters, we know that she will be doing a tour called ‘Milindri 2.0’, but whether she will be accompanied by an album is yet to be confirmed.

The only thing she shared was that video in which she could be seen wearing sunglasses and a cap, trying to copy the boy who was two decades ago when he began his musical career and released his first album ‘No news from the Netherlands’ . She then celebrated reaching a billion views in the ‘Fate or Chance’ video where she covered this song alongside Ha*Ash. And, this Thursday, she has surprised us with a photo at the airport that has a destination that has sparked a lot of curiosity.

Melendi And Her Mysterious Trip to Amsterdam

This photo at the airport with the word Amsterdam written on the screen has sparked the curiosity of Melendi fans. There are many who have made reference to his stage in which it is said that he smoked joints, but he has flatly denied it in one of the comments with a lot of humor. And it is that in this city marijuana is legalized and therefore they have wanted to make that mention, without luck. Because there are other clues that could solve the reason why he has chosen this city.

The artist has only written the phrase “Do you Amsterdam me???? Milindri 2.0”, accompanied by three emoticons that many try to solve. A four-leaf clover and two mailboxes, but for the moment he has not wanted to reveal anything about it. Although we can find a track in 2003, the one in which he released his first album which, curiously, was called ‘No news from Holland’, whose capital is Amsterdam and that is why he wanted to make this trip, as a nod to that first album that made him rise to fame and become one of the most important and beloved artists in our country.

The Message With Which Melendi Announced His Return

“20 years listening to comments like ‘El Milindri is no longer cool’, ‘Please smoke joints again’, ‘make songs from the old days, which are so cool for us’ and ‘stop so much love once and for all'”, he was told. He listens to say in the video that he shared a few days ago. “How am I going to spend it with Milindri 2.0!!! The party is back!!!”, could be read in a photograph that he shared in his Instagram stories. A message with him who did not want to give many details about this tour but with which he promised many surprises for which we have already activated the countdown.

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