Geri and Mel were close friends and regularly holidayed together (Picture: Wireimage)

Spice Girl Mel B has claimed she had sex with Geri Horner at the height of their fame.

Revealing that the pair had a raunchy one-night stand many years ago and that Geris boobs were great, she also suggested that her comments may lead to Geris husband, Christian Horner, killing her.

Shes going to hate me for this because shes all posh in her country house and her husband. But its a fact. It just happened and we just giggled at it and that was it, said the 43-year-old during filming of her upcoming Life Stories episode with Piers Morgan.

We were best friends. It just happened. Have you ever done that? Yeah and Ive said it now. All done.

We were best friends. It just happened. (Picture: Wireimage)

Band mate and pal Mel C was in the audience but insisted that she had no idea about their one-night stand.



Speaking to Piers, Mel added: Shes going to kill me and sos her husband. Shes not that posh now, is she?

Mel chose not to make the revelation in her book Brutally Honest because she said she wanted to focus on other aspects of her life buy she did admit that she hopes Geri, 46, does not deny the moment.

The pair were close friends and regularly holidayed together on their own during their time in the band.

Shes going to kill me and sos her husband (Picture: Redferns)

This is a bombshell. A Spice Girls bombshell, crowed Piers.

You have never admitted this before have you? People are going to be fascinated.

And hopefully when Geri gets asked that, which hopefully she will after this, she wont deny it. Because it was just a fun thing, said Mel. has contacted reps for Geri for comment.

Shes not that posh now, is she? taunted Mel (Picture: Wireimage)

The comments were made on Friday during filming but sources close to Mel alleged that there are now fears her comments may jeopardise their upcoming tour.

The girls all know Mel struggles to keep her mouth shut but Mel C who was in the audience was visibly horrified when it all came out, the insider told The Sun.

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The tour is just two months away they dont want anything jeopardising it, but there were real fears this would upset Geris husband and causes serious issues, the source added.

Since marrying Christian, Geri has worked hard to shake off her old playgirl image and sort of reinvent herself as this perfect StepRead More

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