By Emily Mee, news reporter

A man who kidnapped 13-year-old Jayme Closs and killed her parents has been sentenced to life in prison.

Jake Patterson, from Wisconsin, pleaded guilty in March to two counts of intentional homicide and one count of kidnapping and has been given the maximum possible sentence.

In a case which shocked the US, it emerged that Patterson had abducted Jayme last October from her home after murdering both her parents, James and Denise Closs.

Image: Jayme Closs was abducted last October

Jayme was held captive in a remote cabin for 88 days before making a daring escape in January while Patterson was out.

Patterson was arrested minutes later.


The 21-year-old was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of release on each homicide count and an extra 25 years in prison on the kidnapping count, which will be served consecutively.

Patterson said he plotted the kidnapping after deciding Jayme "was the girl he was going to take" when he spotted her getting on a school bus outside her home near Barron.

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He took multiple precautions to avoid getting caught, including wearing all-black clothing, putting stolen licence plates on his car and making sure he left no fingerprints on his shotgun.

Jayme told police that on the night of her abduction, she was woken up by her dog barking and went to find her parents as a car pulled up on the driveway.

The Closs family home
Image: The Closs family home, where Jayme's parents were killed

Her mother Denise hid with her in the bath with the shower curtain pulled shut.

Her father went to the front door and was shot by Patterson.

The intruder found Jayme and her mother in the bathroom, where he wrapped tape around the 13-year-old's mouth and head, taped her hands behind her back and taped her ankles together.

He then shot her mother in the head.

Patterson said he took Jayme outside and threw her in the trunk of his car before taking her to his cabin near the isolated town of Gordon.

During her three-month ordeal,Read More – Source

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