The singer/actor has gone public with losing his sunglasses and it appears people really, really want to help him.After all, it's Lenny Kravitz.Not that social media isn't always down to assist just about anyone in need.But did we mention that it was Lenny Kravitz?"I'm missing this pair of sunglasses after my show in LA at the Shrine this weekend," Kravitz wrote in a tweet on Monday."They are incredibly sentimental to me, they are vintage and they belonged to a family member," he wrote. "Hoping to get them back, no questions asked. Any information please email [email protected]"Cue us searching Ebay, Craigslist, our rooms, anywhere to try and find them.There's even a Kravitz Glasses Twitter account spoofing the whole thing."I'm not lost, buddy," one tweet read. "I just need some me time.Kravitz usually only causes this much of a stir around hisRead More – Source


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