She took her new toyboy on a family holiday to Turkey (Picture: Ken McKay/ITV/REX)

Katie Price has been a busy bee as she reportedly snuck out of her ex Kris Boysons house after spending the night.

And theres another twist in the tale as the TV personality was reportedly dumped by Charles Drury for sneaking around.

A source told The Sun: Katie was straight on the phone when she realised shed been caught coming out of Kriss house.

She was trying to convince him that she was only picking something up from Kris, but Charles has suspected for a while that shed been seeing Kris behind his back so he didnt believe her.

The source continued: Katie was begging him to meet up with her and saying she wants to be with him, not Kris, but hes fed up with her lies and doesnt want to be mugged off.



Hes convinced that shes telling Kris the same thing – that its HIM she wants – and shes stringing them both along.

Katie, 41, had allegedly dumped Kris, 30, via text in August, which left the fitness instructor heartbroken.

Kris Boyson and Katie Price
Katie was engaged to Kris (Picture: ITV)

It was said that the couple split after Kris discovered she had been cheating on him with builder Charles.

She had no troubles moving on as she invited her new beau to join her family on holiday to Turkey while Kris moved her stuff out of his house.

Recently, Katie started yet another row with Kris and this time it was over the size of his package.

The former Page 3 model went through a rollercoaster of emotions after bumping into her ex at Thorpe Park last week.

According to sources, Katie has now continued the row over text and brought in the size of his manhood. Apparently her new ex new man Charles is packing a lot more down there and hes all man compared to Kris.

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Hmm, is Katie sneaking out of Kris house because she knows good things come in small packages?

Kris is reportedly taking this as a sign she wants to get back with him.



Well, he might not even be wrong.

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