Jonah Goldberg, a senior editor at National Review, lectured conservatives on how to act in the age of President Donald Trump and said their political incorrectness drives him crazy.

“Theres nothing wrong with a little populism. Right? Theres nothing wrong with a little nationalism. Its like a pinch of salt brings out the flavor in the meal. Too much ruins the meal and way too much is literally poisonous,” Goldberg said on Comedy Centrals “The Daily Show” Tuesday.

“This drives me crazy about my own side these days where I talk to young conservative activists, college students and I say, Look by all means, fight political correctness if thats what you want to do. But just because being rude is politically incorrect doesnt mean being rude is good,” he continued.


Goldberg thinks people are using Trump as an excuse to spew vitriol and said they are “intellectually bankrupt.”

“So much of whats happening I think on both sides of the political aisle is this idea that you can do almost any horrible thing if it annoys the right people,” Goldberg added. “And thats a huge part of the defense of Donald Trump, which I just find intellectually bankrupt, which is Well, hes got the right enemies or Hes making the right people upset. Well, you have to look at what is actually upsetting them.”

“Some of the things that upset liberals and leftists I can agree with and Ill support,” Goldberg concluded. “But some of the other things are just sort of crassness, rudeness for its own sake, and I dont know see why I should defend that just because hes on my team as it were.”

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