But the late-night host never intended to keep the birth a secret, per se. Instead, he insists, he just didn't think it was worth mentioning to the wider public. "We didn't really announce it because it doesn't matter," the HBO show host told Jimmy Fallon on "The Tonight Show," quickly adding, "To me, it matters a great deal. Let me just make that clear. But just, like, publicly… this is not a royal baby." Oliver mentioned he was a new dad during interviews at the Emmy Awards last September. At the time, it had not been previously reported that he and his wife had welcomed a second child."The next day, there was a bunch of stories about 'John Oliver has secret baby,'" he said. "You go, 'Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. I had a baby with my wife. She knew about it the whole time.'" "It was very strange," he added. Oliver and Kate Norley welcomed their first son in 2015. "I just made a judgment call that this was not high-value information to anybody. It felt arrogant to walk out on Pride Rock, 'I have spawned another child," " he further explained, mimicking the motion made when Simba's birth was announced in "The Lion King."Oliver, ironically, will voice the character Zazu in the upcoming live-action version of the film.

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