Joe Rogan lit into Hollywood over its hypocrisy with guns, and its a must listen for anybody who appreciates honesty and common sense.

Rogan recently told Colion Noir the following:

No one is more anti-gun than Hollywood. When you hear about any sort of crime or gun violence, the left-wing people in Hollywood are the most vocal, the most virtue-signaling, the quickest to jump on their pedestal. Meanwhile, what percent of their f**king movies involves gun violence? And if you look at the Academy Awards, did you see the security at the Academy Awards? All these left-leaning liberal actors being protected by people with flak jackets on. Carrying guns with fingers outside the triggers. I mean, dogs. Its crazy.

It doesnt get more refreshing than Rogans words. Is there any word he spoke that isnt entirely accurate and true?

Hollywood is so eager to take your guns away, but they have no problem making millions of dollars from violent movies. What moral authority do people with armed guards have to tell anybody whether or not they should be able to own a firearm.

Im also glad he thoroughly ripped Kim Kardashian for being an idiot. Ive been saying that for years, and its nice to see a major figure like Rogan get onboard with something that is painfully obvious.

Nobody keeps it more real than Rogan on just about everything, and he didnt disappoint with this shredding of Hollywood.

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