To be honest, we were expecting worse

To be honest, we were expecting worse

The live action Sonic the Hedgehog movie has already been a laughing stock over how its hero looks, but his nemesis is not nearly as bad.

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The Pokémon: Detective Pikachu movie is just over a week away from release at the moment and wildly tipped to break the curse of terrible video game movies.

But the live action Sonic The Hedgehog film coming out this November has always looked likely to reset things back to normal, especially after all the laughably bad images of CGI Sonic leaked out.

Most of the other characters in the film are live action though and while none of them have been seen till now youd have to say Jim Carrey looks about as good as you could expect.

(Picture: resetera)

Its a good job they put his name on there or you might not realise…

The in-game Dr Robotnik, or Eggman as he is more frequently known nowadays, has such freakish body proportions itd be impossible to look like him without a serious cosplay effort, but the photo above still manages to look pretty much on point.



Theres also a good chance what hes sitting in is some sort of end-of-level boss vehicle, of the kind used in the games, which suggests an extra level of authenticity.

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The image isnt official though and has been leaked by fans at SEGAbits, who claim a trailer is coming this week.

Other Twitter fans have chimed in to say that the image is real though, with apparently two trailers having been shown at the recent CinemaCon – one of which was focused on Dr Robotnik.

Little is known about the cast for the rest of the film, but the main human protagonist is James Marsden as the sheriff of Green HillRead More – Source


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