Bengaluru-based software services exporter Infosys is seeing demand for its cyber security services from clients in the manufacturing, automotive and hi-tech verticals, as companies try to mitigate threats from hackers who target their assets.

“While earlier the demand was mainly from banking and insurance clients, we are now seeing demand from the manufacturing, automotive and hi-tech sectors as well,” Vishal Salvi, chief information security officer, Infosys told ET The cyber security vertical has been growing at 25-30% year-onyear, he said.

This vertical is reported on Infosys books as part of its digital revenue, which grew over 40% last fiscal year. The company has been mining its existing client relationships to grow this business.

“Cyber security is a niche area which needs focus to drive it. It can amplify business for us and theres been a fair amount of investment into it,” said Salvi.

He, however, declined to comment on the amount invested or the size of its cyber security team.

Infosys will soon set up a Cyber Defence Center in Bucharest, its fourth Security Operations Center (SOC) globally. The hub, to be located in the innovation incubator of the Romanian cap


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