• The many, many parts of the Galaxy Fold.
  • Under the display is a new metal layer that iFixit describes as "chainmail." We dug up an old picture from iFixit's earlier teardown, and you can see how the new layer protects the flexible part of the Fold's display. iFixit
  • Tape now covers the spine hinge of the Galaxy Fold, which will hopefully stop debris from damaging the display. iFixit
  • The protective display layer that some people erroneously peeled off no longer looks like a screen protector and goes all the way to the edge of the display. iFixit
  • The hinge area has been redesigned. That "T" shaped object is a new "protection cap." Samsung / Ron Amadeo

The Samsung Galaxy Fold finally launched in the US on Friday after a five-month delay, and with retail units out in the wild, the phone has reappeared on iFixit's teardown bench.

iFixit previously tore down the Galaxy Fold back in April, before the phone was even technically released, having somehow acquired a recalled unit. iFixit really explored the device, providing details about why the phones were dying early and suggesting solutions for Samsung. Samsung did not take kindly to its design failures being laid bare before the Internet, and it went after iFixit's supplier, forcing the site to remove the teardown. The original teardown from April is still up on, though, and can now be freely compared to this new Galaxy Fold teardown after five months of reworking back at Samsung HQ.

First, the Galaxy Fold has gained some weight. During the original launch in April, the device was specced at 263g, but now the device is 276g. A good bet for where that extra 13 grams of weight came from was in Samsung's description of the Fold redesign, which included "additional metal layers" under the display. iFixit writes that this is actually a flexible, "chainmail armRead More – Source


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