I ate vegetables for the first time in well over eight years last night, and it was an eye-opening experience.

Before we get started, allow me to say that I have had lettuce on a cheeseburger often and a couple small salads in the past eight years. That doesnt count. Im talking about actual vegetables. Im talking about making a side of vegetables. The last time I had a straight up side of vegetables was in high school, and I know its that time because I only would eat them when my parents would make them. Salads and lettuce on a burger arent an actual effort to eat a vegetable. Lets be crystal clear.

You might find it hard to believe, but its true. I actually ate very healthy in high school. I had mostly venison, potatoes and a side of corn or beans. That was pretty much every dinner. It was delicious. After leaving high school, my intake of vegetables plummeted. It started to become a running joke that I would only eat pizza, wings, steak, cheeseburgers and a lot of Mountain Dew and beer.

Well, Ive decided that at the ripe old age of 26, I might want to start getting a shade of a healthier diet. I decided to try some vegetables with dinner last night after several of my concerned co-workers weighed in. I grabbed some cut green beans at the store on the way home, and for the first time in eight years had a side of straight vegetables.

Im not going to lie at all. Turns out cut green beans with butter arent half bad. They were actually pretty good, and Ill probably have some more tonight. However, there were some minor issues. Turns out, if you dont vegetables for nearly a decade, your body doesnt react terribly well. There were some serious stomach pains. Im not talking about some mild aches. It was serious trouble. My level of concern was off the charts. I sat there wondering if Id made a terrible mistake. Steak, chicken and pizza had never betrayed me. How had I so easily been coerced by my co-workers into changing my diet after eight years?

Luckily, the pain eventually subsided, and I felt pretty good after eating a bunch of green beans. It felt like I was 16 years old back at home. The question now is whether or not I should regularly eating vegetables. I know my friends and family sure hope I do, but I have to think about myself. I didnt get to the top of the internet thanks to green beans. I got there by drinking Miller Lite and hammering away at the foods that brought me here.

Is there a middle ground? Can a compromise be reached? Can a deal be made? I dont know, but something strange is in the winds.

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