Will she return to the stage to sing her popular duet Rumour, this time with a much younger singer?

Fans of Hong Kong singer-actress Vivian Chow are wondering if she will be making an appearance at singer Bob Cheung's concert on Tuesday (Oct 15) after a photo of them was posted on Instagram, each holding a microphone.

Cheung, 39, hinted that Chow, 51, could be performing with him: "I finally have the opportunity to sing with her. I will do my best."

Cheung is one of four artists behind a parody of former Taiwanese boyband F4's hit song, Meteor Rain, sung with the lyrics of the theme song of TVB serial Life On The Line (2018).The others are actors Joey Law, Arnold Kwok and Matthew Ho.

Chow, a 1990s pop icon known for her girlish looks and squeaky-clean image, first performed Rumour with Taiwanese singer Kevin Lin in 1992. She has become less active in show business and got married tRead More – Source