B&O Beolit 17

If you’re going to be those people on the beach drunk on caipirinhas and playing Justin Timberlake tunes out of a bluetooth speaker, you might as well do it out of a really good bluetooth speaker. Bang & Olufsen’s Beolit 17 looks like a fancy cooler and sounds like a fancy home speaker. Its 24 hour battery life makes it practical as well as portable, and it woofs with the kind of power and bass that could, in theory, attracts sharks. £449,

Bluesmart Series 2

The Bluesmart is an intelligent suitcase for the sophisticated traveller. Like a needy boyfriend it will send a notification to your phone should you wander too far away from it unexpectedly. It can also weigh itself and uses the magic of global cell signals to keep track of where it is at all times. A built-in battery lets you recharge your devices while travelling, and you can lock the case from anywhere in the world using the Bluesmart app. Why? Because this is technology in action, that’s why. £349,

Parrot Bebop 2 Power

The Parrot Bebop 2 Power might not roll off the tongue, but it takes to the skies with all the ease and grace of an Olympic figure skater. The drone is armed with a state-of-the-art camera that’s capable of tracking moving targets, following a subject even during extreme sports, and then editing all the footage together automatically using special action-detecting algorithms. You can fly the drone in first-person using a set of goggles, allowing you to pretend you’re Superman for one fleeting moment, before reality comes crashing back in. £629,

​Kindle Oasis (2017)

The newest version of the Amazon Kindle Oasis is finally waterproof, meaning you can repeatedly plunge it into the bathtub like you’re a Mafia man and it’s a dirty snitch. You can also read books on it, usefully enough. The e-ink display looks just like paper and is gently backlit, so you don’t strain your eyes on any pixels. This new one can play audio books too, picking up where you left off reading. Helpful for long drives. £229,

Basics Wallet

You might not consider a wallet to be ‘technology’, but the Basics wallet has a neat mechanism that causes your Nectar card to pop out when a strap on the side is pulled. It holds eight cards comfortably, and some more if needed, and has a slim elasticated pocket for folded notes or a key. There’s no room for coins though, so pop your shrapnel in the piggy bank or in a busker’s basket. The best minimalist wallet around, it’s perfect for travelling. £17,

Nokia 8110 4G

Heading somewhere you’d rather not take your new iPhone X? Then take a look at a “feature phone” instead. These cheap alternatives to smartphones offer a stripped down set of features, and are increasingly used by travellers and those looking to cut out distractions. Nokia has two of them now, a rebooted 3310 and now a relaunched 8810. It has 4G, and slides open, and most importantly has a charge that lasts 25 days. Remember when phones did that? £70,

Tile Tracker

You lose stuff all the time. Keys, shoes, youthful optimism, phone, dignity, wallet. Keep track of the physical stuff with the Tile app and these stamp-sized trackers. The new Tile Sport is rugged and longer lasting than the old Tile Mate, while the Tile Style is flashy and perfect for luggage, rucksacks and handbags. They all connect to your phone via bluetooth, allowing the app to spot when they go out of range and keep a track of their last known location. Incredibly useful when on the go. £19.95,

Beats Studio3 Wireless

Decent noise-cancellation is paramount when travelling by aeroplane or train, but so too is the comfort factor. These Beats do both, while looking stylish as heck. They muffle the wailing of toddlers and won’t leave your ears feeling raw after an eight-hour trans-Atlantic jaunt. You can get them in bright red too, which means you’ll be rescued first should you crash into an Alp. £299.95,

Hive View

Some of the most important travelling tech is the stuff you leave at home. Place the Hive View camera somewhere in your house and you’ll be able to monitor things while you’re away, giving you peace of mind no matter how far away you are. That is, until you catch some phantom or ghoul gliding about your living room at night. It doesn’t bear thinking about.£189,

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