GTA 5 Online Casino Update DELAYED: More bad news for Grand Theft Auto's next DLC download (Pic: ROCKSTAR GAMES)

GTA 5 players are patiently waiting for more info on the games next big GTA Online update, which as most players will likely know, is the Casino update.

For anyone who might have been living under a rock this past month, Rockstar recently announced that they would be releasing another significant update to the game in the coming weeks.

This would be the first big update to the game since the GTA Online Arena War update released in mid-December 2018. That's over 6 months ago.

Rather than throwing more cars or ludicrous business opportunities at players, Rockstar's next big move is to finally open the long-awaited GTA Online Casino, which has remained abandoned ever since GTA Online launched in 2013.

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"While sitting in bottlenecked traffic on the LS Freeway, you may have noticed a new construction project taking shape at a small building nestled between Vinewood Hills and the scenic backdrop of the Tataviam Mountains," teased a Rockstar blog post some weeks back.

But ever since that blog post, things from Rockstar's side have gone suspiciously quiet. For a good week or so it was suspected that the game might look to launch the games Casino update on the 18th of July.

This would realistically suggest that fans could expect to see some new details shared tomorrow, on Thursday, July 11.

However, earlier this week one of the games most well-known and respected Rockstar insiders has thrown some serious doubts that it might be coming on July 18th.

In fact, it sounds like it could be coming much later.

On Monday, writing on the GTA Forums, Rockstar Games aficionado TezFunz2 was explaining how long it typically takes Rockstar between the release date reveal, to actually releasing an update.

He pointed out that the approval process is normally 3-5 days to release a new update with Sony and Microsoft, but that Rockstar "extend it to 2 weeks for their own quality assurance process."

So straight off the bat, the 18th seems unlikely, because if Rockstar were to reveal anything tomorrow, July 11th, we'd be looking at an extra 2 weeks before the launch.

However, TezFunz then went on to suggest some other reason's which strongly suggest that both the reveal and release could be much further away than originally anticipated.

"This went un-noticed for me but R* updated the background script today," TezFunz2 explained on Monday. "Last update was on July 11th, and now all of a sudden they update it. July 11th is a big no, I'm starting to doubt July 18th"

The insider then followed up that message with a much longer explanation for why there might actually be a delay, which you can read below:

Today's background update fixed the god mode glitch, the half-assed patch we were complaining about a few weeks ago? Now it applies the patch to all CEO offices.

Anyway, it's just common sense. You are a developer, your new update is releasing next week, and all of a sudden you decide to push a background update to your game today to fix a god mode glitch

Most developers would ignore it and leave it to the new title update to fix glitches like that, actually, it is better you try to fix the bugs your new title update is causing than focus on pushing a background update.

In fact, I never saw R* push a background update while planning to release a new update the week after.

This is why I'm starting to doubt 18th. They won't push a background update unlRead More – Source

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