Gordon Ramsay wouldnt have his kids working in his kitchen (Picture: Rex)

Gordon Ramsay isnt here for nepotism – and wont be hiring his own children in his kitchen.

The TV chef shares four kids – Megan, 21, Matilda, 17, and 19-year-old twins Jack and Holly – with wife Tana, who is currently pregnant with their fifth.

But the 52-year-old isnt letting any of them get work experience with him – because he doesnt want his staff thinking they couldnt swear at the youngsters.

Well, at least hes honest…

Its like not employing the kids. I dont want the staff thinking: “F*** its Ramsays kid, we cant tell them off, he explained, during an appearance on US radio.



You want to work in this business? You f*** off to another chef, learn something different and come back with something new to improve the business.

Discussing his reputation as a boss, he added: Im firm, Im fair and I will give you everything Ive got to get you to the very top. And thats it, no bulls***.

I take a lot of flak for being straight and honest but Im not worried about that f***ing snowflake generation.


Piers Morgan branded Gordons vegan roast revolting (Picture: WireImage)

Gordons admission comes after he sparked an almighty war of words with Piers Morgan – over veganism.

Well, what else…

It all kicked off when he slammed the Good Morning Britain host during an appearance on The Late Late Show, with James Cordon, for tweeting a puke emoji and telling the chef his new vegan roast dinners looked revolting.

So Piers Morgan is now a food critic?! he laughed. Go and f*** yourself! Seriously?! Really?!

But this didnt impress Susanna Reids pal, who went to the trouble of digging up old tweets the Hells Kitchen star had posted about vegans.

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Is this the same @GordonRamsay who when asked in 2016 if he had any allergies, replied “vegans” – and who last year tweeted that PETA stands for “People Eating Tasty Animals”?



Not letting it lie, he raged over the situation on Good Morning Britain, telling viewers: You couldnt have been clearer, Gordon is now at the forefront of the vegan revolution and is not remotely cynical or not doing it because he might make some money out of it.

Like vegan sausage rolls and the rest of it – no, no hes a purest, hes a proper vegan guy… or is hRead More

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