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The Walking Dead: The Final Season – finale not guaranteed

The morning Inbox explores the human cost of bad reviews, as one reader asks for advice on upgrading to an Xbox One X.

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Waiting till its done

I was so excited about getting Life Is Strange 2 after being a huge fan of the first one. But I bought the first one when every episode was already out. Now I realise how stupid this practice is.

Paying for the full season, you have no idea when the next episodes come out, it could be one year between each for all I know. No information is given from the devs.

Paying for each episode individually, its a higher price and youre stuck with cliffhangers and the hope that the rest do come out.

You basically pay for the promise that they will come out eventually and after the fall of Telltale and the pulling of the final season of The Walking Dead from the shelves, how can we trust it? I guess Telltale now have to refund everyone who bought the full season.

GC: Telltale were always an odd company in terms of their set-up and financing. Life Is Strange 2 is published by Square Enix who are much bigger and more stable company, as is developer Dontnod.

Wait and see

I was sad to hear the news about Telltale as I have enjoyed The Walking Dead games, even though they have not been as good as the first season. The first game got me into the TV series as well, as I dont tend to
watch/play horror games/TV shows/films. But because of the critically acclaimed reviews of the first season of the game I thought I would get the first season a few years ago.

I paid for Season 3 upfront with some Christmas money but I am glad I hadnt paid upfront for Season 4 after what has happened. If all of Season 4 is definitely released I will see how it reviews and if it reviews OK I will get it. I didnt pre-order it upfront this time as I wanted to wait until all the episodes were out before I play them, as I forget what choices I have made between episodes as they normally come out a month or two apart. Luckily I did wait.

I also thoroughly enjoyed Tales From the Borderlands and The Wolf Among Us and I was looking forward to Season 2 of The Wolf Among Us.
Andrew J.
Just completed: SteamWorld Dig 2 (PS4)

Special strategy

So Into The Breach is a bit special aint it? Completed this little gem after a few days of being hooked. Tactical role-playing games are a real favourite of mine, having enjoyed Shining Force, Final Fantasy Tactics, Tactics Ogre, XCOM, and Valkyria Chronicles before it, and I think its right up there with those.

Must admit I havent done the final island or hard mode yet, may come back to that after Octopath Traveler. With Valkyria Chronicles 4 due out its great to see the tactical role-playing game alive in well in this age of floss dances, DLC scandals, and movie style budgets blockbusters.
carlacticos (PSN ID)



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Original model

Ive recently started to get back into gaming after a hiatus and am considering upgrading my original Xbox One to an X model. Ive seen a good deal online for £410, including the new Forza Horizon game and FIFA 19 – although Im not actually bothered about those games I figured I could sell them off after. Would GC and readers recommend this system and are the performance improvements noticeable vs. the original One?

Also, I currently use a Wi-Fi connection but have been looking at power line adaptors. Are these any good and if so, which models or features should I be looking at?

Keep up the good work!

GC: If youve already got the original model we wouldnt really recommend either of the upgrade consoles, unless youve got a large 4K TV where you can really see the difference. We dont know anything about power line adaptors, but were sure a reader does.

Exclusive costs

I think it is totally feasible that Sony could end up with an exclusive license for Marvel games, remember that Sony still own the film rights for Spider-Man so who knows exactly what was negotiated between Sony and Marvel for him to be included in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Coupled with the success of Spider-Man as a console exclusive I dont see why Marvel would not be happy to allow Sony to have exclusivity to all future Marvel games. With the way that the industry is going at the moment, with Microsoft buying a lot of studios and in doing so ensuring that a lot of games end up being exclusive to Xbox, Sony doing a deal with Marvel for the rights to their games in exchange for Marvels use of Spider-Man in the MCU would be an incredibly shrewd move.
Rickandrolla (PSN ID)

GC: Making everything exclusive to PlayStation immediately cuts out half of Marvels possible audience. So Sony would have to make that money up to Marvel and pay for the licences on top of that. Its not impossible that it would happen, but it would be hugely expensive.

Playing nice

Sony enabling cross-play now, I see as a strategic mode to foster some late-game goodwill before the new gen starts in 18 months, give or take a bunch of time. Their denial of it may have been too fresh in gamers minds otherwise, leading them to potentially consider alternatives if they were still wary of Sonys business practices. Smart move, on their part.
PS: I can only assume the Castlevania two-pack is more to tie in with the release of the second season of the Netflix series, which is out the same day as the PlayStation 4 double feature, not anything to do with Smash Bros. or the potential of a new title.

GC: Wed hope by now that companies realise that goodwill, and by extension brand loyalty, is not nearly a strong an influence as they like to think.

Implanted suggestion

I think Bungle must be psychic or something. I was thinking of writing a letter to the Inbox about Destiny 2 only this morning and lo and behold I find myself reading one and agreeing with what it says.

I didnt play the first Destiny and Im only playing Destiny 2 because its free with PS Plus this month and I was curious about it. I didnt know what to expect but Im loving it. Not least because, although I like first person shooters, Im not exactly a hotshot, so it says a lot for the game that I can actually hit stuff. Its not just the gunplay though, I like the music and the graphics are pretty darn good too.

I cant remember why I didnt play Destiny from the off, I think some of the reviews put me off. Which they shouldnt have because I loved the early Halo games, but Im glad I gave Destiny a go even if I am a bit late to the party.
Gill C.



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Easy Access

RE: Shaun 75. After just reading Shaun 75s comment on the Inbox also-rans I wondered what he meant? So after checking on the net regarding the Xbox All Access service from Microsoft I think its a neat idea but I do wonder if it will ever be available over here in the UK?

I myself have just only purchased an Xbox One S yesterday from Amazon with two joypads and FIFA 19. It was only £229.99 and Ive sold FIFA for £40 too. Happy days! The reason why Ive treated myself is due to the Game Pass service and hopefully what with all the old school games available I will get my gaming mojo back.

Side effects

I know it is a multi-part blame game, with reviewers being a tiny part of the overall cause but, and this is not a finger-pointing thing here, do critics such as yourselves at GC ever feel a touch guilty when a studio closes down due to low sales?

Sales that might have been just enough to get by were it not for an unkind review that put too many people off. Im pretty sure (most of) you dont all meet up at trade expos and high five when it happens but Id be curious to see how the reviewers feel when it happens.

GC: We take no pleasure in writing a negative review, its just part of our job. Apart from anything though we think youre overestimating how much reviews affect sales.

Inbox also-rans

Ive also heard rumours about Microsoft buying Obsidian Entertainment but I cant really see why. Theyre just another niche Western developer that isnt really going to change the needle on Xboxs international appeal, which is sorely lacking. They should buy someone like Dontnod instead, or a Japanese developer.
Cole Slaw

Just finished Marvels Spider-Man and… yeah, that was pretty good. 7/10 seems fair though as I was getting a bit bored towards the end.

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