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Switch Lite - are you sold on it?

Switch Lite – are you sold on it?

The Evening Inbox still struggles to understand the Epic Games Store controversy, as one reader worries about Dr. Marios qualifications.

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Extra options

A Nintendo Switch that doesnt switch. I think the Nintendo Switch Lite is a great idea and will appeal to parents that are wanting to buy it for their children but not wanting to pay the premium price of the older model. Id guess that this iteration is replacing the market of the current 3DS and will be perfect for selling millions of Pokémon games on.

Im glad I already bought the Nintendo Switch though, even after reading the news about the new device today. Being an almost everyday user of the older device, and being an adult with larger hands, I already know that making it smaller would not appeal to me in the slightest. A smaller screen is also a no-no in my opinion but I can also see that the Lite version isnt replacing the current Switch, its just offering up more options to make a purchase of Nintendos current generation console.

Im surprised they didnt offer up a cable of some sort instead of a docking system to make it TV plug-in compatible though. Theyve missed a trick with that but its obviously not the audience theyre aiming at here. I love playing the Switch on my gaming monitor and to anyone that would be on the fence now, over which version to get, Id still say the older model is the best option.
Nick The Greek


Even before my nephew dropped his Nintendo Switch into a bowl of water whilst cleaning it I have always been uncomfortable removing the unit from the docking station.

Now after this announcement of a mini version, which I can protect with the inevitable release of a protective cases and shells, etc., I am absolutely delighted.

September cant come sooner.
Ste C

Switched off

I think the Nintendo Switch Lite is a real missed opportunity and I wont be getting one. Essentially it is the standard unit but worse: no docking, no detachable controls for quick multiplayer, and no rumble. These differences will result in a lower price, a D-pad, and a smaller unit but they are marginal benefits and thats where I think Nintendo have gone wrong. If this new version had some other positive differences to the current model (which is over two years old, lets not forget) then some people might have been persuaded to double dip.

Given that this model is just for portable play I feel it should at least have boasted a brighter screen, vastly improved battery life, wireless charging, larger internal memory, and more eye-catching designs (I do like the Pokémon special edition).

I think it should also have had a camera and some Nintendo style photo-editing software. The 3DS had lots of fun in-built software that rewarded leaving the unit on when you were out and about – perhaps Nintendo will add this type of feature in future?

Anyway, fingers crossed that the rumoured pro version brings something interesting to the table.

GC: We think youre underplaying the importance of being cheaper, in terms of both the appeal and the capacity to add new features.



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Rally good idea

Good letter by BADMAFiA72 about the recent classic Sega games. Im still enjoying Virtua Racing on the Switch but god its tough finishing in the top three on the intermediate/expert tracks, even on the easiest mode.

I still think its almost criminal that after all these years we still havent had a HD update of the original Sega Rally (after all we had a great Xbox Live conversion of Daytona USA). Ive loved this game ever since having the brilliant arcade conversion on my Saturn when I was in my mid-teens and in my opinion its the best game Sega have ever made. Inbox magic do your thing!
PS: Virtua Cop as a Sega Ages release would be great too, but the gun controller bit would pose a bit of a problem.

Fake MD

I have been playing the Dr. Mario game on my iPhone and have to say that its quite tricky. The game relies a lot more on skill than on luck as per Candy Crush Saga. It also copies a lot of the sounds of the 3+ pattern-matching games such as the, Ready and Go sounds.

What I dont understand with the game is what are Marios qualification to be a doctor? He also doesnt seem to be much of a plumber either, as hes always buggering off to the Mushroom Kingdom all the time.
Alek Kazam

GC: Never mind Dr. Mario, what are Dr. Bowsers qualifications?

Strained metaphor

There has been some confusion as to why there is outrage over the Epic Games Store getting exclusive games, so I thought I would weigh in.

To go back to the supermarket metaphor from a couple of days ago, its like you want to buy a particular cake that you were told was exclusive to Sainsburys (other supermarkets are available) but then instead its announced that instead you have to get it from another shop.

This other shop only allows you to buy one item at a time, doesnt have shopping baskets or carts, doesnt let you interact with your friends, doesnt let you look at your shopping list, and secretly looks at your points card for the other supermarket, storing the information from it without your knowledge.

Other than that, there is also the sense of broken promises – you were told that the cake would be available from Sainsburys. In fact, you already paid for it, with the understanding that you would collect it from Sainsburys, before being told you have to collect it from somewhere else.
Joseph Dowland

On a roll

Any plans to review Sairento for PlayStation VR? A ninja simulator sounds interesting, would love to hear your always reliable opinion on it before taking the plunge.

Also, have to say that there seems to have been a great run of games for PlayStation VR lately, and the announcement that it will be backwards compatible with PlayStation 5 reassures me that it was a good purchase long term. I use a base PlayStation 4 so hopefully it will get an increase in performance with PlayStation 5 too, which should be at least as good as with PS4 Pro!
ameisa (PSN ID)

GC: Yes, we should have a review ready for Friday or Monday.



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Side issue

Have to echo AWB-78s thoughts on Shenmue III. I absolutely loved the originals back in the Dreamcast days and having played through the remasters recently I found that the charm was definitely still there.

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