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Sea Of Thieves - is it on the wrong format?

Sea Of Thieves – is it on the wrong format?

The evening Inbox marvels at the continuing lack of Hollywood synergy with games, as another reader claims Bully is Rockstars best game.

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Friendly co-operation

I see that Sea Of Thieves has got some more content, story-based this time, to tie in with its one year anniversary and it got me thinking how much better received the game would be on Switch. Microsoft buying Rare never made sense to me and I dont think theyve ever really known what to do with them. A game like Sea Of Thieves just looks like a Nintendo game. Not in terms of literally just the graphics but the lack of violence and the friendly co-operation.

Im sure this fact is not lost on Microsoft so I wonder if we could see Sea Of Thieves coming to the Switch along with the other indie games? If Microsoft is serious about being the Netflix of gaming they shouldnt really care about what format a game is on – they publish the game so all the money ultimately goes to them anyway.

Ive really high hopes that this E3 will see the annoucement of a major co-operation between Microsoft and Nintendo. Not just someone in Smash and a couple of indie games but a proper partnership thats beneficial to both. I dont think its a pipe dream either, and I get the feeling Microsoft want it even more than Nintendo.

Justifiable nervousness

My concerns about Georgies Inbox letter, which referenced the most played games list for Xbox, are that many companies are wanting to do games as a service.

Given the many comments Ive seen from indie developers about their games not being played for so long, and therefore becoming unsustainable, this would extend to almost all single-player games too.

If a campaign is 15 hours long versus the 150+ people spend on many multiplayer games, if these games services do simply pro rata the subscription fee, then many single-player games are possibly doomed because theyre all of a sudden valued at one-tenth that of a multiplayer game…

Makes me nervous.
Antony White

GC: In that case you might want to avoid todays story about Dragon Age.

Start with a plan

That Dragon Age story is pretty depressing stuff. I know its probably true of most developers but the way BioWare run themselves seems to be way to random. Judging by this and Anthem they just come up with a vague idea, start work, and then make something completely different anyway.

I dont want to take EAs side in all this but if I were them I wouldnt let BioWare, or anyone start until they had a concrete idea. Maybe Im being naïve, its not Ive ever made a video game, but when I think of some of the greats its clear they had some very specific ideas long before they ever really started.

With all this messing about it becomes clear why games never reveal their budget. But its also a shame we never see behind the scenes stuff like we would with a movie, but I guess theres a good reason for that too.



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Stabiliser wheels

Am not great at playing games and feel sometimes it would be good to have the option of decreasing the difficulty or even skipping certain bits. Why? Because I end up stuck and frustrated so cant complete the game and it is very off-putting. Sometimes I get other people to get me past the blockage. Currently playing Zelda: Skyward Sword on the Wii and I would love to encourage much less experienced friends to have a go and get into the Zelda world, but know they would be stuck on for example the first boss, with no way of progressing.

I have recently got into the Donkey Kong series of platform games, which I have found too tricky on many systems from SNES onwards. I have got into it because of the easy mode on the Switch version of Tropical Freeze, which has given me confidence to have another go with Donkey Kong on other systems.

Dance with the devil

Its clear as the pale moonlight that Ubisoft really want to make a new Splinter Cell game but unfortunately stealth doesnt appeal to the general populous of gamers, so it looks like its on the backburner. Or does it?

IO Interactive have done a great things regarding Hitman over the years, especially Hitman and Hitman 2 this generation. They reviewed and sold well I think, but now that IO are an independent studio why dont Ubisoft bring them onboard and give them a crack at Splinter Cell?

Just think about it… sandbox level design with all the bells and whistles of a Splinter Cell game. The potential is there for a great Splinter Cell game in my eyes.

GC: Thats not a bad match-up. But Hitman cant have sold that well or Square Enix wouldnt have let IO go in the first place.

Bully for you

RE: Chris From Belfast, youre not alone! Ever since playing Bully its been my favourite Rockstar game, and even having just finished Red Dead Redemption II it maintains its position in my personal rankings! It has a small but impossibly dense game world, the characters are memorable, there is a cheeky feeling to everything and because nothing is life-and-death its more light-hearted than Rockstars other games.

Ive always felt the GTA games are a bit overrated, not bad by any stretch, but not worthy of the incessant adoration they seem to get. The first Red Dead is probably my second favourite, with II probably coming in a little way behind. Id love another Bully more than anything else they could announce though.

The composer of the (excellent) soundtrack mentioned about four years ago that he was working on tracks for a new game, but nothing ever seemed to come of that. I can only hope it got put on the back burner to focus on Red Dead Redemption II, rather than quietly being cancelled.
Sparky the Yak

Oh hell, boy

With all the negativity surrounding the latest Hellboy trailer I was just wondering what your views on the original Guillermo del Toro films were?! I always viewed them as flawed but fun and charming, although I have to admit Ive never read any of the comics.
DuckOfDeath82 (PSN ID)

GC: They are nothing like the comics, but that description is accurate enough. We dont think a live action Hellboy makes sense at the best of times, it would really only work as a cartoon – although the ones that do exist completely squander the potential.



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Money on the table

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