Now I start this letter by fully appreciating that I may still be the only person playing Fallout 4.

So a while ago Bethesda introduced a survival mode level of difficulty into the game for those requiring more of a challenge.

So what is survival mode I hear you ask? Well, it now places severe restrictions on the player, which are numerous, but here Ill just highlight some of the more important ones.

The first, and probably one of the most important, if you want to say alive that is, is your health. You must now eat, drink, and rest regularly. Failure to do this will impact severely on your stats and will make your life very difficult very quickly.

Next we have weight. All items in the game world now have a proper weight associated with them, so if youre thinking of taking six weapons, four mini-nukes and 20 stimpacks with you think again.

When it comes to saving your game progress, this can now only be done by sleeping in a bed. So finding a bed now becomes very important, because death means a restart from the last place you slept which could have been a while ago.

And last, and I guess this could be the biggest kicker, absolutely no fast travel. So if you need to get somewherRead More – Source


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