I downloaded the Castlevania Anniversary Collection on my Switch last week, after reading your review. I’m playing a couple of the games at the moment and looking forward to getting into the others soon.

M2 are really becoming the go to company for retro compilations. They really put the effort and love into their games. You only need to look at the Sega Ages games to see this. I’m really looking forward to Virtua Racing getting a European release on the Switch soon, as that looks very good.

I noticed that Sega have listed more games for their Mega Drive Mini console. My understanding is that M2 have been involved with these ports as well and with Sega actually making the machine themselves this time, I am seriously considering placing a pre-order for it. Sega has a solid line-up of games for it too, with the likes of Capcom and Konami already on board. I’m a little surprised at the inclusion of Street Fighter II Special Champion Edition as the console only comes with the three button controllers as opposed to the six, which from what I understand was far better for this game, but this is by no means a deal breaker for me.

I also thought the artwork for both the Gradius (Arcade Classics Collection) and Castlevania collections were spot on. The artwork for the Contra collection is also looking good and seems to be based around the SNES Alien Wars game. The artwork for all three games is very much in keeping with the ‘80s and ‘90s styleRead More – Source


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