Leptons recent letter has reminded me to write in about my Fallout 76 experiences.

I read the reviews and, like others, changed my mind about purchasing this game but kept an eye on Twitch to see how it was shaping up.

I finally cracked when a cheap PC version came up and piled into Appalachia with moderate excitement. Long story short – It has now taken over my gaming life (just checked and was shocked to see Im at 376 hours).

I think its fair to say that its a long way from what it was at release and has had a lot of extra content added and tweaks made, with more to come. Yes, there are bugs and some annoyances. Yes, it crashes now and again but it is a lot of fun. For instance, in Fallout 4 I hated the building but now, while still glitchy, it is something I can spend hours on just building a camp I know I will hate in a couple of days and rebuild somewhere else.

I find the hunt for Legendary gear and the trading compelling too, along with finding out random past stories from the deceased and actually find the lack of other characters more to my vision of how an apocalypse should turn out.

When you do come across another player they are, generally, friendly and try to help lower level players out with free stuff and following along to assist however they can or joining in to take out a powerful enemy. When done, a quick wave or thumbs up and off you all go.

I should mention the Twitch 76 communityRead More – Source


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