RE: Recent discussion on gaming budgets. Ive been in the enviable position this gen of being able to buy what I want. Thatll change soon with a likely property purchase.

The result is I own a PC, PS4 Pro, PlayStation VR, PlayStation 3, and Xbox One S. The amount of devices is not the problems, but the amount of games I have sitting on them: over 400.

I concur with a recent letter saying that they had to extract every last drop of entertainment from a game as a child, as they only got a couple a year.

Being spoilt for choice is nice but a bit like children, when you get everything handed to you on a plate it can mean you dont value each individual thing as much as if you only had a few things. In this case the games themselves.

Going forward I will still want to own all the devices as they home the thing I enjoy: games. But my game buying habits will change. Far fewer bought, finish games before buying again, dont be lured by sales, etc.

The sales tactics for the gaming industry for a long time involved a lot of hyperbole, still does I guess. That youll be missing out on the best thing ever if you didnt buy the advertised product.

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