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The Last Guardian - occasionally relaxing

The Last Guardian – occasionally relaxing

The morning Inbox tries to imagine Nintendo characters in Overwatch, as one reader listens out for news on The Quiet Man.

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Odd sensation

Is there a game more frustrating, but at the same time relaxing, as The Last Guardian? Anyone that played it might know what I mean. The controls arent great, I am constantly lost, and yet when I stop running around and just look around I am once again calm. Could it be that you can climb onto Trico and pet him or is it the mellow surroundings and wonderful graphics? Im not even sure that The Last Guardian is even a good game but I am going to stick with it due to this odd sensation it gives me.

I cant put my finger on it. It isnt like that in Bloodborne. In that you just get more and more frustrated and if you beat the boss then its more of a momentary relief because you know something worse is next. Kos and Gehrman is what I have next, sigh.
PS: On a completely separate issue, I have been playing a game called Grow Up and I think that Tomb Raider should steal the climbing controls. By that I mean that it has the shoulder buttons assigned to each hand. This could lead to more complex climbing and puzzles and move it away from the unending slaughter. Just a thought.
PPS: Is there a way to cheese Kos with poison? I can get him down to half health but then it all goes wrong. Gehrman doesnt seem too bad as I nearly killed him first go but his second form seems a bit unfair.

GC: We dont remember him as being unusually susceptible to it.

Not eligible

RE: game of the generation. This will depend on whether the game has to be exclusive to this generation or not. If exclusivity is required then Minecraft and GTA V, two of the biggest and most obvious contenders, are out.

So to determine the winner from whats left, I posit an analysis taking into account sales, ratings, and overall breath of appeal across the marketplace.

Clearly (if you havent already guessed based on my previous letters) that puts the game (in its two iterations) thats sold 20 million copies, has an average Metacritic rating of 90, is loved by all from three to 300, and referred to by Eurogamer as a modern masterpiece, as the deserved winner.

Well done Mario Kart 8/Deluxe!

GC: It doesnt make sense for the game of the generation to not even be from this gen.

Moss reality

Well after putting it off for a few months because I was weirdly kind of wanting to save it after hearing it was so good, Ive finally played and completed Moss on PlayStation VR. And what an experience! I dont think Ive ever been so involved in a game world as this, it really is a masterpiece as far as Im concerned. The art and sound are truly amazing and the characterisation of Quill the mouse, and the connection you have with her, are like nothing Ive ever experienced in gaming, and thats about 35 years worth!

Honestly blown away by this game and again Id recommend it to anyone on the fence about it – best £25 Ive spent in a long time. Cant wait for the rumoured chapter 2 and hopefully many more beyond that. Been playing Ultrawings a bit too, and really enjoying it, definitely a SNES Pilotwings for this generation, and Ive got The Persistence and The Inpatient lined up once Ive plucked up the courage to face them!
PS: On a side note, been digging out some of my retro consoles (kept them all) and it got me thinking – how cool would it be to see a remake of Dragons Lair with the same cartoon art style, but with Tomb Raider/Uncharted style gameplay? Theres a game Id love to see!

GC: We spoke to the makers of Moss at Gamescom, but they were very cagey. They seemed to be hinting that theyd made a deal with a major publisher for more Moss. We hope so, because as you imply its one of the best VR games around.



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Quietly ignored

I dont remember it being shown at E3 but apparently theres a new action adventure type game akin to Devil May Cry called The Quiet Man by Square Enix coming out… at some point.

Its called that because it features a deaf protagonist, not because it has anything to do with John Wayne and Maureen OHara. Which is a shame, as I would have liked a video game version of a very unlikely romance that crosses sectarian lines set in 1920s Ireland. I dont know how you would translate the whos got the strongest handshake scene but the final fight would be easy.

Hmm, now I am more interested in that idea…

GC: It was at E3, plus two new trailers were released yesterday – one of which shows off quite a bit of gameplay.

Streamy Dreamer

In response to Spooky Dreamer this morning, I know you used to be able to stream Xbox One games to a PC if you download the Xbox app. So if youve got a laptop you could use that, or hook it up to the TV and enjoy playing Xbox games without having to move the console!

Its been a couple of years since I did it, but just had a quick search online and heres the Xbox support page on how to set it up.
Dan H

Long-time reader

Just seen the evening inbox and have read Angry_Kurts letter and will state that I do read one magazine and this is the Official Xbox Magazine. I have been reading this as far back as 2005 and at the time Ben Talbot and Gavin Ogden were the editors. It used to have some good features, like the monthly friends section and letters, as well as a playable demo disc. But the demo discs were sadly discontinued as more people joined Xbox Live and went digital.

I still read it as it does have some good reads that I enjoy from time to time. They did have a forum which closed down and they do have an official website still which anyone who is interested can see here.
gaz be rotten (gamertag)

C64 Maxi

RE: C64 Mini. What is the price of this machine please? Delivery to France? I am looking especially for the following games: Eagle Empire, Zaxxon, Galaga, Gyruss, Star Wars, Donkey Kong, Pac-Man, Co & Co, and Rambo.

Thanks in advance.

GC: Most of those are licensed games and arcade conversions, which the C64 Mini doesnt have. Heres a list of all the games it does contain and you can buy it straight from the website.



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Top 10

Continuing the discussion on the best game of the generation, Id have to say its a toss-up between Zelda: Breath Of The Wild and Super Mario Odyssey so far.

Breath Of The Wild is easily the best Zelda game since Ocarina Of Time for me and Super Mario Odyssey is every bit the equal to, if not better than, the Super Mario Galaxies as far as Im concerned. Furthermore, both are very strong contenders for greatest game of all time in my estimations.

Other games that come extremely close to the top spot would be Bayonetta 2, Bloodborne, and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. All the aforementioned games are undeniably 10/10 games in my eyes and would make up my top five games of the generation so far.

The later half of my top 10 games of the generation would feature NieR: Automata, Persona 5, Resident Evil 7 in VR, Metal Gear Solid V (cheating here a bit… I think?) and Super Smash Bros Wii U.

Whilst I found God Of War utterly engrossing and an emotional/cinematic triumph for the most part, I really do think it was slightly overrated and not a 10 game.

A champion of Kratos fascinating, transformative character development and heart-warming interactions with his son Atreus, I am. But there were some serious pacing issues involving having to return to the Lake Of Nine hub area that hampered the flow and momentum of the adventure for me. The boss battles for me also lacked the variety, artistic wonder, sense of scale, and spectacle of God Of War II and III. Still a superb game though and I do empathise with anyone calling it their game of the gen.
Galvanized Gamer
PS: Completely forgot about Cuphead, so cheers for reminding me of that gorgeous-looking game. Problem is I dont game on PCs and I cant currently justify getting a Xbox One for what I perceive to be the sole true must-have game at the moment, unfortunately.
PPS: Any chance of a review of Furi, seeing how it only quite recently came out on the Switch? Its a fantastic boss rush game and deserves to be experienced by as many people as possible!

GC: January is not quite recently.

Inbox also-rans

OK, that Tanglewood for Mega Drive looked pretty great! But the real question of course is, when can we get it for Switch!

GC: It doesnt seem to be scheduled for any (modern) console at the moment.

Reading Overwatch may be a possibility got me thinking about which characters would be a good fit from Nintendo. I reckon Samus, Captain Falcon, and Fox McCloud wouldnt look out of place. Could there be a Super Smash Shooter?
Alek Kazam

This weeks Hot Topic

The subject for this weekends Inbox was suggested by reader Franky, who asks whats the one game annoucement you never expect to hear?

With Gamescom coming up next week whats the one thing youre confident wont be revealed? Whether its a sequel, reboot, or some kind of hardware annoucement what do you think is the least likely, without being completely silly.

What annoucement have you given up any hope of hearing about and why do you think itll never happen? Whats the most surprised youve ever been by an annoucement and how did the final product turn out?

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