With the recent debate over Hideo Kojima, Metal Gear, and Death Stranding it made me wonder who the most famous video game developer today is, and all I can think of is Japanese developers. Theres Shigeru Miyamoto, who I think is probably the most famous, Hidetaka Miyazaki (I had to look up that spelling), Hideki Kamiya, Suda51, SWERY, and Yu Suzuki. But I really struggle when trying to think of Western equivalents.

I dont think thats just my bias towards the games I like though because all Im coming up with is really old dudes like Sid Meier, Gabe Newell (who hasnt made anything in decades), Will Wright (ditto), John Romero, and Peter Molyneux. Except perhaps Sid Meier I dont think any of them are really still working at anything like their former level and Im not sure who is replacing them.

I mean, who even makes GTA and Fortnite? Only one of the Houser brothers works on GTA directly anymore and hes just a writer and I havent heard or read anything about anyone that works on Fortnite. The excuse for not making developers fRead More – Source


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