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How big is Microsoft's new event going to be?

How big is Microsofts new event going to be?

The evening Inbox thinks the time has come for Overwatch 2, as one reader admits to no strong opinions on Red Dead Redemption II.

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When Sunday comes

Very interested to see what Microsoft does at X018 this weekend. Its been kind of mixed messages so far, because on the one hand theyre talking about major announcements and secrets and on the other hand all the hints have been of super minor stuff. DLC for Shadow Of The Tomb Raider? That isnt even exclusive? Doesnt seem anything worth having a part about to me.

I dont see it being to announce new hardware either as no one would do that this close to Christmas, or you risk tanking all your Christmas sales. I assume it was set up to be their equivalent of PSX, which is ironic as Sony hasnt got one this year. But I imagine it being the same sort of thing: a few new game announcements, and first looks and updates. Enough to convince you to buy the console that already exists, basically.

Id love it if Warner did announce a new Batman game, but I think were getting to that part of the generation where everything is likely to be cross-generation. Which means they probably dont want to tip their hand too much before the new consoles are revealed. Pity its a Saturday night or I wouldve stayed up to watch it. Hopefully theyll be some good news Sunday morning though.

Slow sequel

I know a sequel like Majoras Mask was a popular idea at first but I cant now see that being the direction Nintendo takes with the next Zelda. A lot depends on how long the Switch will last because if its only got two more years left in it, say, then Id imagine theyd want to make it another launch title.

If theres longer than that – and I know thats what Nintendo has implied – then I would assume well see another game in 2020 or after. Whatever it is though its got to be made from that console from the ground up, which would immediately mean something more than just a rehashed Majoras Mask follow-up.

Not that Im implying Majoras Mask was bad but it was done quickly and usually a lot of existing content. I dont see that happening with Breath Of The Wild. Even if the Switch does last a long time the only reason to do that was to create a quick follow-up and weve already passed the point for that.

Scared to return

Im wondering, whats the consensus on GTA IV nowadays? After playing Red Dead Redemption II Im almost tempted to go back and play it, and I think Id probably not be very impressed. Even at the time I remember all the complaints about the cars controlling like boats and the fiddly shooting.

Its odd how fiddly is the best way to describe a game as popular and cool as GTA and Rockstars other stuff. Play Red Dead Redemption II I think the most difficult thing in the game was being in exactly the right spot to trigger an action like picking something up or hitching your horse. I swear even now I dont understand what the logic is behind it working or not.

The thing is GTA IV was definitely my favourite story of the GTA games, so I actually have very fond memories of it in that respect, but Im kind of wary of going back to it now. Can anyone comment if theyve played it recently?



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Double Down

I think the worst thing about all this Diablo business is the complete lack of self-awareness from fans. Instead of calming down and realising they went a bit overboard they seem to have double-downed and started creating these complicated conspiracy theories where… Well, actually Im not sure what theyre really getting at to be honest because as far as I understand it the only thing they want is a new sequel and Blizzard has confirmed this multiple times so I really dont see what the problem.

Its become a cliché but I genuinely do think some fans prefer complaining about games to actually playing them. Not just complaining but just planting themselves in this great seething online cauldron of people who imagine theyre some sort of persecuted group that constantly has to defend itself.

Theyre just video games. If they sell enough (and often even if they dont) theyll be another one along soon enough. Especially if the last one sold 30 million copies. Its like all these rumours that Fortnite is going to be shut down. I know thats mostly just kids but it seems to be a same inability to have any grasp on economics and the way the world works.

Quiet echo

Count me in the camp that was a bit baffled by the last Smash Bros. Nintendo Direct, and how they seemed to save the worst for last. Not that any of it was bad, but it was definitely less hype inducing than the previous couple.

The last two fighter reveals were particularly bad but now that its all done with I dont understand why they didnt make a lot more echo fighters. They introduced the concept for the game but then only made a few. And as far as I understand it none of the DLC characters are going to be echoes so maybe thatll be it for the whole game?

I wouldve at least had an Octoling for the Inkling, Waluigi for Luigi, Dixie Kong for Diddy Kong, Dry Bowser for Bowser, Mach Rider for Captain Falcon… I mean there are so many without even getting into the third party stuff (Ms. Pac-Man wouldve been great!). Heres hoping we hear more soon.

Sequel secret

Is it me or are the new Overwatch characters getting really uninspired lately? Theyre all just gender-flipped versions of existing characters. Whats next? A male Tracer with an even worse Cockney accent? The games beginning to seem tired and I hope they announce a sequel soon. A proper one with an actual single-player game this time.

Overwatch is a lot of fun to play but because I dont read all the fan fiction I have no idea what any of the characters backstory are, or in fact what the backstory of the whole series. Are any of these characters bad guys? Some of them seem kind of evil just to look at, but are they really? I have no idea and I dont understand why Blizzard wants to keep it a sequel.

As seen on TV

Readers with long memories will remember Digitiser, GameCentrals predecessor on Teletext, written primarily by Mr Biffo. Digitiser is still going as a website at but starting Sunday at 9pm there will be a Digitiser TV show (on YouTube), hosted by Mr Biffo and friends.

I have already seen a sneak preview of the first episode and I dont think people will be disappointed. Check it out at Digitiser2000.



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In the middle

Ive seen a lot of people praising Red Dead Redemption II over the last couple of weeks, and a much smaller number criticising it, but I feel like Im the only person that thins its… all right. Pretty good but nothing amazing. The graphics and presentation and everything is amazing, obviously, but the gameplay is so basic it makes it hard for me to properly appreciate.

One problem I have is that there doesnt seem to be any point in buying any extra equipment or getting any of the unlocks. Apart from a telescope sight none of the guns make much difference, especially because the game itself is so easy. Everything just seems to be there for it to all wash over you rather than actually being played.

Thats always been the Rockstar way I guess. They never really seem that interested in making actual video games, just interactive movies. Which is fine, its very enjoyable to sit through but Im not sure Im going to make it through all 60 hours.

Inbox also-rans

Totally agree on remaking Silent Hill 2. Id say start with the first one, as thats virtually unplayable now, but all the puzzle stuff at the end of that kind of drags it down. And Silent Hill 2 is actually very similar but with all the bad stuff ironed out.

After reading yesterdays letter I nervously booted up P.T. and… it works! For now, least.

This weeks Hot Topic

The subject for this weekends Inbox was suggested by reader gaz be rotten and asks what do you want from the next generation consoles?

It looks increasingly inevitable that the PlayStation 5 and the successor to the Xbox One will at least be announced next year, so what are you hoping theyll be? How much of an improvement do you want and expect from the graphics and are there any features, such as motion controls, VR, or streaming that you think will – or should – become a new standard?

What kind of games do you want to see on the new consoles and what new features do you hope theyll include? What would a new console have to have for you to consider getting it and do you think the next generation is coming too early or about right?

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