Sigh… It can be hard reading the pages of GameCentral and being, primarily, an Xbox gamer. The letters are rolling in expressing opinions that Microsoft had an open goal this E3 and still managed to kick the ball three feet short of scoring…

I am hopeful for the future though, Im a Halo devotee so the new title has me excited. I believe that Playground Games have the tech to create a beautiful Fable, I want them to realise the potential of that franchise and the portfolio of developers Microsoft has purchased have all released games Ive enjoyed. And thanks to Game Pass Ultimate Ill get to play for free (till 2021).

I do have worries. Gears 5 really needs to update its gameplay, anything from adding a hub world with gated entry via items à la Batman: Arkham, a greater focus on melee, or a complete rethink of its combat mechanics but a sixth entry where its simply a linear slog through waves of enemies will be something of a letdown and would be unhappy evidence that Microsoft havent learned a thing from the other Gears Of Wars and its sublime update.

Microsoft do have one area in which I feel they excel. Online multiplayer. Sea Of Thieves has been one of my favourite games this generation. Ive played most of Sonys big games on release, and dabbled with VR, but I always return to Xbox multiplayer. Halo, Forza, Sea Of Thieves, and old favourites or new curiosities on Game Pass mean my PlayStation 4 and Switch lie unused fRead More – Source