I have purchased Microsoft Game Pass a few times now, when its been at the £1 offer, so Ive tested the water, as they say, a few times. I also recently picked up that bargain of an offer during E3, where if you join the Ultimate Game Pass whatever Gold subscription you already had running the pass would be extended to the expiry date of Gold. So for £1 again I have the Ultimate Pass until March 2020, but is it worth it?

Yes, of course for £1 it is. But once that expires will it be worth £7.99-£10.99, that is the question?

For me personally the answer is no. Why, you may ask?

Well, for a start, when I really like a game Im a day one purchaser, if not within a month max. Basically, I buy the games I like quickly.

So logging onto Game Pass over the last couple of weeks and downloading around eight games Ive tested them out like a demo. OK, tried it, didnt like it, deleted it.

You see, only if I can stop myself from buying games for maybe four to six months then the Game Pass would be amazing. When I saw Metro Exodus come on I was like, Wow, fantastic, this has only been out for a few months and its already on the Game Pass. Then I realised, Oh wait Ive already bought this digitally on day one.

See what I mean about buying day one? Well, at least I convinced my mate to get the E3 offer and he has now downloaded it and is enjoying it.

So for me, I know I cant stop buyiRead More – Source


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