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Playing video games is a legitimate career now

The morning Inbox wishes there was an Ant-Man and The Wasp video game, as one reader asks why August is Metroidvania month.

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Career training

Judging by the popularity and money made by streaming and competing in eSports Id say its a legitimate career choice now and shouldnt be deemed anymore left field or risky than wanting to be an actor, TV, presenter, or a singer/musician.

Theres many who are dismissive of streamers/YouTubers or competitive gamers putting them on the same level of credibility as reality TV stars. Clearly theres chaff out there but Ive come to appreciate the wheat and what it takes to be a good streamer/YouTuber or competitive gamer.

Im only really good at one part of one game: Rayman Legends pit challenges. Its a mini-game really and it still took about a year of playing to get to the level of being one of the best, but still short of being amongst the very best. The level of practice, skill and commitment to get good enough to compete professionally really is high. I think the more gruelling physical aspect of sports means it commands more respect for me but theres so much parallels in the qualities you need to be successful at sports and eSports Ive respect for both.

I totally get why people watch Twitch and sub to their favourite streamers. Youre subbing to be part of a community you feel at home with, its a social club. It takes a lot personality and handwork to build a successful channel. Of course, much of the channels are very amateur but its impressive how much of a production the more well-run channels now feel.

Watching streams/eSports is regularly part of my downtime time now and I really enjoy it. I can only see eSports and streaming getting bigger and bigger.
Simundo Jones

Ready made

People have written in before suggesting that Ant-Man/The Wasp would be a great fit for a video game, which I completely agree with.

Having just got an Oculus Rift in the Amazon sales though, I am asking for double Inbox magic: make the game and make it playable in VR. That would be a ridiculously good combo.

GC: A game based on shrinking/growing, and another on archery, seems like it would be bursting with potential. Were beginning to think that the fact there are established, but relatively minor, superheroes with the same abilities is whats holding things back. But then again there are almost no games where you can fly either. Games companies really do seem to hate superheroes.

Early access

My copy of Shenmue I & II HD remaster arrived on Saturday morning courtesy of The Game Collection and Im so chuffed to bits.

These are two games that will be a pleasure to platinum.

And I cant believe nobody mentioned Shenmue III for the Hot Topic… nah, only kidding. The last time I looked at the Kickstarter campaign, the slacker backer campaign has reached the $7 million stretch goal and has been extended to August 31st, so theres still time people.

The worst thing I can see in Shenmue III is the character design for Shenhua (the girl whos in all the artwork) has been ruined, her face looks awful and the yellow dress looks ugly. Why are they not keeping the look from the original games?!
Oni-Samurai (PSN ID)
Currently playing: Sonic Mania Plus DLC and Shenmue

GC: The review embargo for the remasters is later on this afternoon…



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Metroidvania month

I was just considering buying Dead Cells when I realised that Guacamelee 2 was out soon and I might not want to be playing two similar games right after another. And then I remember Deaths Gambit, and Hollow Knight, and Salt And Sanctuary too… why release so many games that are so similar so close to each other?

And then on top of that we had Super Smash Bros. Ultimate going mad about Castlevania, with the most exposure the games had in years. Did I miss a memo or something? Why has there been so much Metroidvania stuff recently? And why are there never any big budget games that are Metroidvanias?
PS: Will you be reviewing Guacamelee 2 and Deaths Gambit?

GC: We should have time to do a Guacamelee 2 review before we leave for Gamescom, since review copies were sent out some time ago. Deaths Gambit was not so quick off the bat, so we dont know when well get round to that. And yes, it is weird how many similar games have been out lately. Clearly, indie developers are just as bad at scheduling as major publishers.

Hard option

I was thinking recently about how most of the VR games coming out are survival horror type games and other types of games seem to get ignored. With the technology at the moment, and the success developers have made of Battlezone and Star Wars: X-Wing , I wondered why similar games have not been made?

I personally would pay good money for a game where I had control of a Spitfire in a dogfight, or to be on a battlefield in a Sherman taking on other enemy tanks. Am I missing something or are there too many pitfalls to making games like this?
captainbloodsnot (PSN ID)

GC: Its a combination of the fact that theyre generally more complicated games to make and the dangers of motion sickness, particularly with a flight sim, are greatly increased. Simulators also tend to have quite complex controls, which can put people off whether its VR or not.

Text only

Just wondering what GameCentral and its readers thinks of the possibility of there being an official podcast from GameCentral.

This I feel could feature some extra content for the GameCentral community like other news, lnbox letters, as well as interviews with gaming legends like Larry Bundy Jr. and Dave Perry and other well-known people within the gaming industry as well as developers.

This hasnt be done before by GameCentral and could be done via an official YouTube channel.

Just a suggestion and welcome everyones thoughts.
gaz be rotten (gamertag)

GC: We dont have anywhere near the time. And would not spend it interviewing Dave Perry if we did.

Late entry

RE: Hot Topic. For me, it has to be Half-Life 3. Since ending on a cliffhanger over 10 years ago, the existence of the next game has reached mythical status, similar to how I remember people taking about Duke Nukem Forever (although of course that one actually did make it eventually).

Ill forgive Valve though, if we get a Portal 3, and with them recently announcing that theyre going to make games again Im actually hopeful about that one!



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Spiritual sequel

In response to DMRs weekend Hot Topic letter. Wasnt the original Xbox the Dreamcast 2?

Sega did sign a deal with Microsoft to bring over 10 exclusives to the Xbox after failing with the Dreamcast, this was all part of Microsoft trying to compete with Sony in Japan.

In 1998 Microsoft and Sega worked together in integrating Windows CE into the Dreamcasts hardware, hence the Windows logo appearing on the front of the Dreamcast unit.

Although this was only really made available with a certain developer Dreamcast SKU there were just under 80 games that were made using Windows CE, with Sega Rally proving to be the most popular.

However, not being entirely suited to the Dreamcast hardware, due to technical restraints, most games were developed using the Dreamcasts native SDK.

Even though this collaboration fell short it strengthened Microsofts and Segas partnership in the long run.

Sony helped to destroy Segas hopes with the Dreamcast, but whereas Sega and Microsofts relationship became more involved Sega knew the Xbox was coming and suggested it became backwards compatible with Dreamcast games.

This never happened, however Microsoft and Sega went on to sign an 11-game exclusive deal with Microsofts upcoming Xbox.

Even from a hardware perspective its evident that Microsoft took inspiration from the Dreamcast design, including four controller ports and two plug-in compartments on the Xbox pad. Original plans for the Xbox pad even included a VMU as a memory card, just like the Dreamcast.

After Dreamcast, Sega supported Xbox with all its might through all its major software studios, including the famous AM2.

Rumours suggest Fable was a title originally made for Dreamcast, before being moved across to Microsofts Xbox. Not to mention Bizarre Studios involvement with Microsoft after providing Sega with the brilliant Metropolis Street Racing.

Although Segas efforts in the console market are now defunct they continued to be a big player in the arcade business, with their arcade boards such as Naomi and Chihiro – which the Dreamcast was based on.

The Chihiro board is practically identical to the Xbox hardware, to the point where the motherboards could be considered replicas.

In an about turn, Sega then chose to use Xbox architecture in the arcades proving similarities with the Sega and Xbox were absolute in all but name and showing how much Sega saw the original Xbox as a spiritual successor to the Dreamcast.
Bad Edit

Inbox also-rans

I was intrigued to see that you reviewed the Mega Drive version of Tanglewood, did you buy/borrow one especially for the review? Or did you still have your old console from back in the day? Surely they didnt send you a console with the review copy of the game…

GC: It was just our old one from the 90s. If we hadnt of had it they wouldve just sent us a PC review copy. Although were pretty sure Mega Drives arent particularly rare or expensive if you check eBay, etc.

Noticed DarKerR was disappointed not to get the Master Chief cover of Edge magazine. I got the Master Chief cover through the post, so if DarKerR collects/keeps the magazines and wants the one with Master Chief on the front Id be happy to post it out to him/her once Ive finished reading.

GC: Thats very good of you. If they get in contact with us well forward their email onto you.

This weeks Hot Topic

With Gamescom happening this week, almost every video game that will be out for Christmas has been announced and shown to the public. So the question for this weekends Inbox is which ones are you intending to get?

With the possible exception of some, probably minor, Nintendo Switch titles youre probably already very familiar with all the major releases this autumn, so which ones have impressed you the most? Are there any youve already pre-ordered and what others are you interested in? Which are you waiting for the reviews on and which have you already discounted?

How closely do you monitor new games as they edge towards release and do you try to know as much as possible before release or as little as you can?

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