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Will Microsofts next console have a disc drive?

The morning Inbox is already impressed by Pokémon: Lets Go, as one reader claims hed pay more for games that are actually finished.

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Trojan horse

That rumour about the Xbox One without a disc drive sounds completely believable to me, and exactly the sort of thing I wouldve expected Microsoft to be doing after the way they were talking at E3. And if it really does sell for less than £100 I think thats a really good idea. The more people that get into gaming – proper gaming, not mobiles – the better and this would remove a lot of barriers.

It would also hopefully convince Sony to make an equivalent, which I expect them to do if its in anyway successful.

The worry of course though is that by letting in a digital-only console we make ourselves slaves to the console makers. You wont be able to sell your games, theyre probably be more expensive (certainly not cheaper) than they were, and theres a good chance Microsoft will try and sneak back in their always-online restrictions. But for a £100 console? Fore me its hard to say its not worth, but then I already have a normal one so its not much of an issue.

Its easy to see what will happen after that though: all console will be digital only and there wont be any alternative. So me trying to paint it as a good thing almost makes me feel like a traitor. And this is without even factoring streaming in. Gaming is changing and Im not sure its necessarily going to be for the better…

Get what you pay for

Great readers feature about the cost of games. Ive been saying for years that Id much rather pay 75 to 100 quid for a complete game. The price staggering and DLC is clearly a way to regain the money they would of got from inflation. And doing so with less risk of losing the consumer.

You have to pay top dollar for quality. Id expect less from a photographer I paid 50 quid for than one Id paid 300 quid. If I like a game enough, Ill even buy a season pass without any intention of playing it. Some games I feel deserve a bit more of my money. Were edging ever so much closer to a pay by the hour system. Maybe thats the next trick up their sleeve, when streaming gets good.
Anthony Daniels

More than nothing

People seem to be getting very carried away with the idea of Bethesda going down the toilet.

From my understanding they released a few flops, regardless of decent reviews, that theyve only published, and Skyrim has had more releases than a hormonal teenager. Fallout 76 being universally panned is nothing. It seems its been sent out to die.

However, Fallout 76 is, to all intents, a glorified mod. Its using assets from Fallout 4 that are already available to Bethesda to use as much as the modding community. Theyve spent naff all on Fallout 76 save for the online element.

Bethesda will be fine. The Elder Scrolls VI will be released and theyll still have all of the money.

GC: All of Bethesdas recent games have been made by developers they own; Rage 2 will be the first for a long time thats not. The online element for Fallout 76 was likely quite expensive, as were the marketing costs.



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Good ideas

Ive been playing Pokémon: Lets Go, Eevee (forget Pikahcu!) all weekend and Ive really been enjoyed. Graphics are basic but considering this is a remake I think it works. I agree with a lot of what the reader wrote at the weekend but one thing Id already say is I hope the new game takes a few leaves out of Lets Go book.

Not having random battles and being able to see pokémon before a fight happens is much better than the old way and I hope they keep. I dont even mind the capture technique, as it means you dont tend to be so levelled up when you hit the big story points and really have to struggle for your wins.

I dont like the motion controls though and thats one reason I stick to handheld most of the time as it makes it much easier. So Im either way on whether you should battle pokémon to capture but the other stuff Id definitely keep. It makes everything seem much more alive and dare I say… realistic?

Additional costs

Ive played games all my life. I had an Xbox 360 and was quite happy with not thinking about online gaming at all. Then 2014 my mate, who I havent seen for years, told me to get a PlayStation 3 so I could play online, which I did! But as usual PlayStation decides to bring out a new console, the almighty PlayStation 4. I couldnt possibly afford to buy a PlayStation 4 just to play against my mate. £300 or more for the console, £60 just to go online, £40 to £50 for the games!

I thought no, that is a joke. Sony makes millions of pounds every year and they take the heart out of gaming. I pay for the Internet so why should I pay just to go online? Im happy to still be with my PlayStation 3 thank you. Gaming should be fun for all to enjoy!
Martin Brettell

GC: We dont see how any of that is unique to Sony? Even Nintendo charge for online play now.

No sweetener necessary

GTA V has dropped down in price and now that Sony is expected to announce the PlayStation 5 and wont be at the 2019 E3 event does everyone agree that now is the ideal time for Rockstar to consider beginning very early development of Grand Theft Auto VI? Given that Sony could be planning their own conference which would appeal to a bigger audience, rather than having it at 2019s E3 – which because of Nintendo and Microsoft being there would only give Sony a tight schedule and not enough time to plan out there conference – so they can offer the best impression possible to people if they want to reveal the PlayStation 5.

GTA V came out in 2013 and considering five years have now passed this is a long time for a GTA game and given that a port of this game came to the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 my view is that it is safe to say that a new GTA game should be getting developed now. GTA Online at the moment is popular but this wont last forever and Rockstar should be looking at a next generation version. With the PlayStation 5 looming nearer, and the next generation Xbox, it will mean that better features can be added as well as Rockstar being able to give us some features we never thought we would see that are not currently possible now.

Considering GTA VI would make a great PlayStation 5 and next gen Xbox title it is exactly what GTA fans would want as a possible launch title. And with an upgraded new GTA Online service this would sweeten the deal for gamers. Now that the first GTA is coming to the PlayStation Classic, and with the GTA V price drop, does anyone agree this may be a sign that GTA VI will be coming sooner than later?
gaz be rotten (gamertag)

GC: GTA V has been having discounts for years. The stuff about E3 makes no sense, given how Sony has revealed previous PlayStation consoles in the past. Rockstar have no doubt been working on GTA VI for years, but itll only become a priority for them once Red Dead Online is properly established and GTA Online revenues start to dip.

Stealth release

The one thing thats upsetting me in all this Fallout 76 nonsense and renewed Pokémon mania is that Hitman 2 is going to get totally buried by it all. I havent heard anything about it beyond the reviews, nobody I know has ever mentioned it, and when I did bring it up they had no idea it was coming out. And when I pressed further they assumed it was still being sold episodically like the last one (which I thought was a great idea, but they thought was bad – although they couldnt really explain why).

I know this happens every year but why will publishers never learn that putting out niche games at Christmas is sending them out to die? This is Dishonored 2 all over again and anyone couldve predicted this happening.

Never mind Bethesda, this could kill IO Interactive and thats so unfair because its a great game.



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Gorgeous is in the eye of the beholder

I feel I have to respond to all the hate and backlash Fallout 76 has been getting on here.

While I agree the game has issues and its certainly not a classic, its far from a disaster in my opinion and is an enjoyable experience so far for me.

I play the game completely solo and have been hooked on it in my first couple of days so far.

Yes, I would agree that the combat can be frustrating. I think what irks me the most is that so far the vast amount of enemies I have faced have just been non-stop charging at me at lightning speed. Not great when all I get ammo for is a hunting rifle, which is kinda useless at close range.

The lack of non-player characters is also a big disappointment. Especially since because of that they have to use holotapes and notes to portray a story. Now I actually enjoyed that in Fallout 4 because it was a break from the norm. Here it starts to feel tedious. Especially when a respawning hive of Scorched attack you when you are trying to listen to a holotape.

The stash limit is my biggest issue. I hit my stash limit at rank 15. Ridiculous. Why on earth they are rewarding people with a Fat Man when you cant even use it until level 25 when it has such a HUGE weight is beyond me. I had to sell it. Im constantly frustrated by this limit now. It needs changing as soon as possible.

But I love the setting. It looks great in my opinion. People saying it looks like a Xbox 360 game need to stick Oblivion into the Xbox and look at the difference. It doesnt look cutting edge but at times it looks gorgeous in my opinion.

Some quests are amazing, some have really gut me sucked in. There is a TON of hidden quests which I love finding.

I enjoy the events too. Maybe they are too frequent but they are fun.

And just exploring. I love the exploring. Its such a varied landscape with so much to discover. Its a massive leap ahead of Fallout 4 in that respect.

GC: A larger stash is apparently one of Bethesdas priorities at the moment.

Inbox also-rans

Never mind Bethesda, its what will happen to DICE if Battlefield V underperforms that I worry about. You know how EA are. Seems like a lot of the industry is in trouble at the moment – not a good sign with the next gen coming up.

Anyone else manage to make it through the whole of Red Dead Redemption II without getting a horse killed? I did, which is odd because they were dropping like flies in Zelda: Breath Of The Wild. I did shoot a couple of bad guys ones though and felt bad about it every time.

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How regularly do you play the games and when did you start? How long do you expect to continue playing and how much time do you have for other games, whether multiplayer or not? What do you think of games as a service and how many can you generally have on the go at once?

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